November 15: Mars Enters Pisces

Anthony reminds us to confront ourselves and get to the root of our feelings. It is important to be aware of yourself and how you react right now. You may feel like you are being ignored and unappreciated for your efforts. It is vital that you think before you speak.

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November 8: Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

As Jupiter enters Uranus this November, it is important to welcome all knowledge that wil help you on your path. Be open to trying new things and exploring this with surrounded you with opportunities bringing with it the Grace and Expansion that Jupiter is known for.

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November 6: Uranus Enters Aries

Anthony Upshaw reminds us that there is a purpose for the changes we will see with November's Uranus transit. November is about accepting and embracing change, letting go of what no longer serves you and following your heart.

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