Top 3 Most Versatile Crystals

Top 3 Most Versatile Crystals

Multi-purpose crystals are always my go to crystals to recommend for beginners! The three most versatile crystals all belong to the QUARTZ family -  amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz!


  • Use it for PROTECTION: Amethyst creates an energetic shield around the user that can help ward off negativity.
  • Use it for PURIFICATION: Amethyst’s name originates from the Greek word “amethustos”, which means “not intoxicated” or “sober.” For that reason, is a great crystal for those looking to release addictions, bad habits or the need to overindulge. 
  • Use it for MEDITATION: Amethyst is a fantastic meditation companion! It enhances mental clarity, as well as intuitive/psychic abilities and connection to spiritual realms.
  • Use it to RELAX: Amethyst has an uplifting, peaceful, blissful energy and many people like to keep it under their pillow for this reason!

Clear Quartz

  • Use it for ENERGY AMPLIFICATION: Clear quartz is known to amplify the energy of other crystals!
  • Use it for PROGRAMMING: Clear quartz can be programmed with virtually any intention and used for any metaphysical purpose, including meditation, manifestation, healing, chakra opening, etc.
  • Use it for MENTAL CLARITY: Clear quartz will help clear your mind of any mental chatter.

Smoky Quartz

  • Use it for GROUNDING: Smoky Quartz will help you electrically reconnect with the earth, nature and ultimately your true self!
  • Use it for TRANSMUTING NEGATIVE ENERGY: Smoky quartz is a protective and purifying crystal that cleanses and clears the aura, it’s often referred to as an ‘energetic composter’.
  • Use it for MANIFESTATION: Smoky Quartz can be programmed with specific intentions related to making your desires a reality via belief and attraction.
  • Use it for ORGANIZATION: Smoky Quartz can give you a dose of precision and practicality if you are feeling mentally frazzled or you’re having trouble focusing.
  • Use it for EMF PROTECTION: Smoky Quartz is one of many crystals that is great for protecting your body from the harmful radiations that are emitted by cellphones, laptops and other electronics.
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