How to Use Selenite for Cleansing and Clearing Energy

How to Use Selenite for Cleansing and Clearing Energy

We consider selenite an ESSENTIAL tool in our crystal healing tool kit. Selenite is a common variety of the mineral gypsum. Its chemical structure is simple: calcium, sulfur, oxygen, and water molecules. Selenite has a milky white color and forms in long, thin sheets with lots of striations. It has a chalky texture when left unpolished, and a gorgeous sheen when polished.

Using Selenite for Protection

Starting a healing session with an energetically clear space is very important. Selenite is a popular crystal for protecting homes and other sacred spaces. To keep your space safe, you can place a small piece of selenite at the corners of the entrance doorway. Be sure to use sage to clear the space before laying any crystals down. Selenite is also a great crystal to incorporate into protective or purifying crystal grids. Are nightmares haunting you? Try sleeping with a small piece under your pillow!

Using Selenite for Healing

Selenite is a favorite among crystal healing practitioners because it’s powerful vibrations are known to cleanse and clear. Negative or stagnant energies can be cleared from your aura by using a stick of selenite in a comb-like fashion. Hold it 4-5 inches from your body and use gentle sweeping motions to clear chakras individually or your entire aura.

An even easier way to use selenite is to place a piece of it on the top of your head or under your feet while you meditate.  Be mindful of the intentions you set, ask for purification, support, protection, and peace as you open your auric field to the gentle clarity selenite will bring.

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Written by Sierra Lewis, Co-Founder Good Juu Juu

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