Beginners Guide to Crystal Grids

Beginners Guide to Crystal Grids

Recently some of our followers have reached out with questions on how to use our crystal grid. Using a crystal grid is an effective way to boost your self-empowerment and manifestation, and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to get started.

What is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is created by arranging several crystals into a geometric shape or pattern, with the intention of amplifying their energies toward manifesting a specific goal or intention.

What is sacred geometry and why are the patterns used?

Sacred geometric patterns are ancient symbols with spiritual meanings. Good Juu Juu’s crystal grid features the Flower of Life symbol. This ancient symbol is known as ‘the blueprint of the universe’, representing the creation of all life and existence, from atoms to entire galaxies. We chose this symbol because of its versatility. This geometric pattern connects to the universal energy of creation, so it can be used for any intention. Our recommended uses are manifestation and healing.

How do I pick the crystals?

Begin by setting your intention. What are you looking to achieve or manifest? This will make it easy to choose the appropriate crystals. If you are making a grid to amplify gratitude, you may want to include rose quartz or blue apatite. If you are making a grid to welcome abundance into your life, citrine and green aventurine are great picks. Quartz is great for amplifying any intention, so it’s a great staple to have on hand.

By using several types of crystals in one grid, you can take advantage of the combined energies and properties of all the stones, which serves to supercharge and align the energies toward the fulfillment of your goal. Picture your crystals as a little army of shiny soldiers fighting for your goals. If you are looking to create a personalized grid, and need help finding the right crystals please send us a Direct Message on Instagram or email us at

How do I arrange the crystals?

Crystal grids are typically printed with grid paths or lines with circles designating where to place the stones. Use a larger crystal for the center of the grid (covering the Good Juu Juu logo if you are using our grid), a tower shape works well. This stone is called the Focus Stone because it serves to focus the universal ‘life force’ energy that will power your grid. We suggest writing your goal or intention on a small piece of paper and place it under the Focus Stone. Large manifestation crystals like quartz or citrine are great choices for your Focus Stone.

Next, start placing the stones that surround your Focus Stone. These are called Way Stones, which amplify the energy flow. You can have several layers of way stones around your Focus Stone.  Finally, add your Desire Stones, which represent the goal of the grid. For example, if you are making an abundance grid, you might use green aventurine for your desire stones. There are no rules. Do what feels right. I’ve found that usually, the crystals will tell ME where to put them. The most important thing is to keep your intention in mind as you are placing the stones.

I made my grid, what now?

Now the fun part, it’s time to hit the “On” switch for your grid. Some choose to activate their grids with ‘crystal wands’, but you can also use your fingertip. Before you activate your grid, create a quiet, distraction-free space. Be mindful, the most important thing is to keep your intention in mind as you are placing the stones and ‘activating’ the grid.

The easiest way to activate your grid is using by ‘connecting the dots’. Remember doing connect-the-dots drawings as a kid? Same concept! Using your fingertip or wand, first touch your crown chakra (top of your head) then begin gently touching the surface each crystal, starting from the outermost, working your way to your center Focus Stone. Open your mind and use your imagination. Visualize the energy, illuminating the grid, radiating through the paths you’ve created. Revisiting your grid regularly to ‘re-activate’ it or even just meditate with it are great ways to keep your intention in mind, and fulfill your goal quicker.

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