Pride Crystals: 6 Gemstones For Pride Month

Pride Crystals: 6 Gemstones For Pride Month

June is Pride Month, the month that brings a rainbow of colors to cheer and celebrate the LGBTQ community. Whilst colors can be eye-pleasing, they also play an important role in stirring a powerful message in our movement towards a positive social change. So today let’s have a look at some gemstones that reflect the color and meaning of the famous Pride Flag!

6 Gemstones For Pride Month

Pink: Rose Quartz 

The color pink in the Pride Flag symbolizes Love.

Rose Quartz is considered the “universal love stone” and it resonates with the essence of the LGBTQ movement - unconditional love and acceptance.

This lush pink gem has been around for centuries and has helped people to experience endless generosity and compassion.

Orange: Carnelian

Orange in the Pride Flag signifies Healing. It conveys a message that by healing ourselves and others, we’ll be able to overcome intolerance.

Carnelian is an excellent tool that promotes deep inner healing. It’s known to dispel negative energies and restore vitality in our chakras.

Besides, Carnelian is also believed to clear mental congestion and offer a fresh new perspective to things.

Yellow: Tigers Eye

The color yellow in the Pride Flag symbolizes Sunlight. It inspires us to have warmth and affection towards each other.

Tigers Eye is known to ignite a sense of warmth and harmony within a group. It dispels feelings of fear and anger which is crucial in practicing love and acceptance.

Popular for its unique name and looks, Tigers eye can help narrow our differences and foster empowerment.

Green: Green Aventurine

The soothing green color in the Pride Flag is the symbol of Nature. It inspires us to nurture acceptance and tolerance.

Green Aventurine is a comforting gemstone that eliminates negative thoughts and energies. It nurtures self-love and emotional balance by restoring the heart chakra.

Besides, this exquisite gem is also known to induce calmness and serenity.

Blue: Blue Chalcedony

The color blue in the Pride Flag is the symbol of Peace & Harmony.

Blue Chalcedony stimulates overall kindness and generosity towards others. It promotes the feeling of joy and light-heartedness in a person.

The powerful healing power of this pristine gem is also believed to encourage friendliness by dispelling hostility and negative thoughts.

Violet: Fluorite

Violet in the Pride Flag represents Spirit. It signifies our temperament and perseverance in the movement towards change.

The healing properties of Fluorite resonate very well with this message. This gem elevates our mental endurance and decision-making abilities.

Besides, the vibrations of Fluorite are believed to enhance universal consciousness and our connection with our soul.


Every color in the Pride Flag has a powerful story, gemstones are beautiful tools to help us articulate their meaning.

From encouraging acceptance to binding people together through love and empowerment, gemstones can be a unique medium to cheer the LGBTQ community.

We wish you a Happy Pride Month!

Written by Alis Ghimire for Good Juu Juu

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