Sexual Healing Ritual with Crystals

Sexual Healing Ritual with Crystals

So you're ready to use your new crystal for a sexual healing ritual ...but you aren't sure where to start? Follow the 4 steps below!

STEP 1: Cleanse and charge your crystals

    • Before working with crystals, you should always make sure they’re energetically and physically clean. 
    • Crystals can be cleansed with running water (first do some research to make sure the crystal isn’t water sensitive, like selenite) or incense/dried herb smoke
    • Cleansing your crystal will ensure removal of any residual energy from previous owners or your surroundings.
    • Crystals can be charged with moonlight, sunlight, or even other crystals like quartz or selenite.
    • Charging your crystals will ensure you take advantage of their maximum energetic potential.
    STEP 2: Establish your healing intention
      • Crystals AMPLIFY our intentions, so be specific!
      • Are you suffering from menstrual issues? Set an intention of reproductive health.
      • Are you planning for a baby? Set an intention of fertility and healthy conception.
      • Are you looking for your dream partner? Set an intention of attracting someone you are aligned with.
      • Are you recovering from sexual trauma or abuse? Set an intention of sexual empowerment and confidence.
      STEP 3: Program your crystal 
        • Choose a crystal with healing properties that compliment your intentions. For example, if you are setting a protective intention, amethyst, smoky quartz or black tourmaline are good choices. 
        • We have an entire collection of crystals specifically intended to be used for sexual healing rituals and intentions.
        • Program your crystals by spending time with them and speaking your intentions verbally, in affirmation format. Example: “My womb is healthy. I am attracting my soulmate. I am whole. I am sexy.”
        • Crystals can also be programmed using visualization. Focus on your intention while you hold the crystal and see in your mind the outcome you are looking for. Example: If you are trying to build sexual confidence, see yourself in a setting that makes you feel sexy. Maybe you’re wearing new lingerie, freshly waxed, hair and nails done, the ambience is sweet smelling candles and soulful music.
        • Another way to program your crystal is to write your desired outcome on a piece of paper and leave it under or near the crystal.
        • Once a crystal is programmed, every time you encounter it you’ll be reminded of your intention. 
        STEP 4: Bond with your crystals
          • Every crystal is unique - the more time you spend with them, the more vibrationally aligned with them you’ll become. 
          • Crystals are great altar decor and meditation companions. Think about what drew you to your crystal in the first place. Put them anywhere they aesthetically compliment the environment - they love soaking up the sun in window sills or being near plants!

          So wait... they aren’t just pretty dildos? 

          We don’t refer to our phallus crystals as ‘dildos’ or ‘sex toys’ because… they aren’t! They are more like art - every crystal is unique, special and different. Can’t say that about mass produced silicone dildos! The primary intended use of these crystals is DECORATIVE. Crystals are porous which could lead to bacteria build up in small crevices and cracks, so you should never put a bare/uncovered crystal inside of your body. We recently created a short Youtube video showing the safest way to use these internally if you can’t resist the urge.

          Read our Crystal Phallus FAQ for more information.

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