5 Powerful Full Moon Rituals You Can Try at Home

5 Powerful Full Moon Rituals You Can Try at Home

Full Moon is considered an auspicious night in the spiritual world. It's the period where we shed light on our darkness and kindle our inner soul. This night is also believed to strengthen our bond with nature. And since we are so in tune with nature, it's the perfect time to enhance our spirituality and seek inner guidance.

Full Moon rituals are a great way to embark on your spiritual journey. They can be as simple as decorating your altar with fresh flowers and new candles, or something more elaborate. Finding the right rituals that you enjoy is key and this takes a little experimenting. Here are some powerful Full Moon rituals that you can try at home:

5 Powerful Full Moon Rituals

1. Cleanse your space

Cleansing your space eliminates the negative energy and puts you on the right foot to practice your Full Moon rituals. After all, the Full Moon is the ideal time for releasing anything in your life that no longer serves you. Burning dried herbs like natural sage/palo santo or incense is a great way to purify your surroundings and get you in a soothing mood. Here are some of our popular incense holders to help you get started. Alternatively, you can also use "cleansing crystals" like Selenite for this purpose.

2. Meditate

Meditation is the best way to invite the spirit world closer to you. You can dwell in deep meditations to receive guidance and feel more grounded. Consider using crystals during meditation as they're a wonderful companion to increase your focus and energy. Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline are great choices to ground yourself during meditation.

3. Set intentions

Setting intentions gives you clarity regarding your true purpose in life. So take some time to listen to your inner voice and ask yourself what it is that you want. Once you've decided on your intentions, write them down and speak them out loud to yourself. This way, your intentions are clear in your head and also on paper for you to see.

You can also use specific intentions to program healing crystals. This makes sure that you're always surrounded by the energy you're trying to match.

4. Keep a journal

Journaling is the best way to process what's been happening in your life. You can write about anything, like your insights and inspirations for the month ahead. Journaling will help you get in touch with what you're feeling, and it will help you have a sense of purpose. It's also an exceptional way to connect with yourself and your goals.

5. Recite affirmations: 

Affirmations help you visualize your ideal future and the path that lies ahead of you. Reciting affirmations out loud and visualizing your goals is known to program your thought patterns for progress and positivity. Here are some highly effective affirmations you can get started with:

  • "I am worthy of love, happiness, and peace."
  • "I choose to live a life of abundance."
  • "I'm glowing with good health and well-being."
  • "I'm attracting loving relationships into my life."
  • "I feel safe and secure in the world."
  • "The universe provides for me with ease and grace."
  • "I give and receive love freely, generously, and with gratitude."

Reciting affirmations are a great way to reset your subconscious mind and give you an instant boost in your energy.

More Full Moon rituals:

Key Takeaway

The energy from the full moon can be used to release what is no longer serving you. So, allow yourself to embrace changes and new chapters as they come. Enjoy the beauty of nature all around you as we go through life's cycles together. After all, we’re also a part of God’s creation.

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