di heartbeat of earth: limited edition merch collection

In collaboration with esteemed Nigerian artists from the Itan World community, we've curated a collection that resonates with the soul's rhythm and the Earth's deep-rooted vibrancy. Each piece in this limited edition series is a testament to the artists' mastery and the mystical allure of West African culture. Experience a world where every crystal tells a story, and every artwork is a window to the soul.

"one man island" by Mariuscarl Ene

metal print

A black and white photograph capturing a solitary moment of reflection, where a man sits upon a rock, immersed in the natural world's silent dialogue. This piece symbolizes the individual journey to self-discovery, grounded in the Earth's steadfast presence.

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"you light up my world" by fame identity

tote bag

A tender moment between a mother and daughter, as a crystal, a symbol of clarity and connection, is passed from one generation to the next. This piece celebrates the unbreakable chain of love and wisdom that binds us to our ancestors and the Earth.

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"hajar" by umiamara

cup coaster

A woman embellished with gold and crystal jewelry, embodying the luxurious abundance of the Earth and the transformative power of adornment. This artwork reflects the beauty of self-expression and the intricate dance of nature and nurture.

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Join us at HugFest in NYC on April 2nd for the unveiling of "di heartbeat of earth"

Meet Good Juu Juu and Itan World Founder, Sierra Renee Nawabi Ayomikun Folashade, at the Artist Market!

For a limited time, these unique pieces will be available, inviting you to bring a piece of this transcendent energy into your life and home.

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