Top 3 Crystals for Heart Chakra Healing

Your heart chakra (4th chakra) is located in the center of your chest. The qualities associated with this energy cent...

The Elephant in the Room: The Black Experience

The recurring consequences of police brutality and the resulting civil unrest has made it clear to everyone: somethin...

Crystal Phallus FAQ - Whats with the dicks?

  Why are they shaped like penises? Since ancient times, phallic symbols have been used to represent strength, power...

Good Juu Juu Full Moon Ritual

Creating a Full Moon ritual doesn’t have to be stressful. Trust your intuition and create a space that feels right for you. Use the energy from the new moon to manifest what it is you seek. Allow your self to embrace the changes and accept the losses. Remember we are all like the moon going through phases and cycles. 

How to Use Selenite for Cleansing and Clearing Energy

Selenite is a common variety of the mineral gypsum. Its chemical structure is simple: calcium, sulfur, oxygen, and water molecules. Selenite has a milky white color and forms in long, thin sheets with lots of striations.

Beginners Guide to Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is created by arranging several crystals into a geometric shape or pattern, with the intention of amplifying their energies toward manifesting a specific goal or intention.

What is Crystal Healing?

My crystals are beautiful to wear and decorate with, but they are also powerful healers. I consider crystal healing ‘vibrational medicine,’ which adds a whole new dimension to the meaning “good vibes.”

Crystals for Gratitude

Use this message as a reminder to adjust your perspective and attitude to always be one of appreciation. Your ego is accustomed to finding things to be dissatisfied about, but it’s just as easy to find things to be happy about.

Crystals for November : Sodalite

Sodalite encourages clear communication and expression, which will aid you as you expand into new territories in November. Use Sodalite to express your most authentic desires, the luck associated with this month will help your desires come to fruition. 

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