🌈 Crystals for PRIDE month!🌈

Beginners Guide to Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is created by arranging several crystals into a geometric shape or pattern, with the intention of amplifying their energies toward manifesting a specific goal or intention.

Good Juu Juu New Moon Ritual

As the moon progresses through its cycle, and your desire grows, it is important to remember that often we cannot learn lessons except through challenging and difficult circumstances.  The more accepting and loving you are, the quicker your goals will be met.

What is Crystal Healing?

My crystals are beautiful to wear and decorate with, but they are also powerful healers. I consider crystal healing ‘vibrational medicine,’ which adds a whole new dimension to the meaning “good vibes.”

Crystals for Gratitude

Use this message as a reminder to adjust your perspective and attitude to always be one of appreciation. Your ego is accustomed to finding things to be dissatisfied about, but it’s just as easy to find things to be happy about.

Crystals for November : Sodalite

Sodalite encourages clear communication and expression, which will aid you as you expand into new territories in November. Use Sodalite to express your most authentic desires, the luck associated with this month will help your desires come to fruition. 
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