Crystal Wands: Meaning, Benefits & Usage

Crystal Wands: Meaning, Benefits & Usage

Crystal wands are incredible healing tools that promote chakra cleansing, emotional balance and spiritual healing.

They’re made from natural minerals (gemstones) and their origin can be traced all the way back to ancient Atlantis!

Today, crystal wands are still popular among shamans, healers and everyday people across the globe.

Their exquisite shape and finishing are captivating but what makes them more special are their transformational healing abilities.

How do they work?

Crystal wands accumulate and channel energy.

These beauties work like a scanner - they can help you locate a specific area of your body that’s experiencing a blockage and release healing energies onto that part.

Their broad and elongated shape allows the healing energies to flow in a focused and straight line, which allows an effective healing process.

Crystal Wands

3 ways to use crystal wands

From healing your entire body to helping you achieve a deep meditative state, crystal wands serve many purposes, let’s have a look at 3 popular usages of these precious treasures.

1. Amplifying Intentions

You can program your wand with your intentions and use it to further focus and amplify your energy. After all, crystal wands accumulate and store your thoughts and energies.

Here’s how you can program your wand:

  • Clarify your intention
  • Ease into a meditative state (you may accomplish this a variety of ways - like chanting, listening to a frequency, engaging in traditional ‘meditation’, etc)
  • Visualize the wand absorbing the energy of your thoughts

2. Energy Balancing

Crystal wands do an incredible job when it comes to energy and chakra balancing. By waving the wand near a focused area, you can easily remove any blockages and achieve a clear flow of energy.

Here’s how:

  • Trace the area (or chakra) that needs healing
  • Wave the rounded side of the wand facing that area
  • Visualize the negative energies being drawn out and into the wand

3. Meditation Companion

Meditation is extremely helpful for soul-searching or simply relaxing. Crystal Wands can be an exceptional meditation companion, helping you dive into a deeper meditative state.

Here’s a simple practice for you to follow:

  • Sit down with your eyes closed
  • Hold the wand with its pointed side facing your wrist
  • Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale
  • Feel the energy of the wand spiraling through your body


For thousands of years, shamans and metaphysicians have relied on crystal wands as go-to healing tools...and they have resulted in an incredible transformation in people’s life.

Their energetic field and protective aura can open up a whole new world of healing, upliftment and inner revolution for you.

Some remarkable benefits of using crystal wands are:

  • Clears chakra blockages allowing the body to function properly
  • Soothes anxiety and irritability
  • Attracts good luck and abundance
  • Strengthens personal relationships
  • Encourages compassion and kindness

The Bottom Line

In short, Crystal wands are powerful tools that have the ability to promote healing and can be a tremendous companion in your soulful journey and personal growth.

Using them with trust and the right intentions can open doors for enriching changes in your life.

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Written by Alis Ghimire for Good Juu Juu

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