Powerful Full Moon Rituals You Can Try at Home

Powerful Full Moon Rituals You Can Try at Home

The Full Moon is a time for heightened spiritual power and awareness. This is due to the energetic shifts during the ending of the lunar cycle, which in its entirety, lasts about 29.5 days. The ending of this shift is accompanied by receptive and releasing energy, making it the perfect time to figure out what is no longer serving you and let it go.

Since our connection with the moon is emotional, physical, and metaphysical, these areas should be focused on and balanced as needed. Through some of these practices, and utilizing them as a part of your Full Moon Ritual, you can make the most out of this energy, discovering a more authentic, and harmonious relationship with yourself and the world around you. 

Good Juu Juu Full Moon Rituals

1. Review your Journal 

While you are more than welcome to journal during this time, the Full Moon promotes release, which pairs well with reviewing your journal for the month. By revisiting your entries throughout the month, you can take a better look at where you’ve grown, where you’re remaining static, or where you’ve reverted to old, unaligned, and/or habitual behaviors. This can also become a part of your ritual! Use a different colored pen to make edits, or to symbolize the level of achievement that came with/from certain entries. Overall, make it fun and remember to be honest with yourself during these processes. 

2. Make Moon Water

Making moon water is one of the Full Moon traditions amongst spiritual enthusiasts, witches, and occultists alike. It is said that you can use Moon Water as an additive, or in place of water for baths, recipes, cleaning, plant watering, and rituals! To make Moon Water all you have to do is leave a jar of water under the Full Moon, preferably using distilled water. By doing this you allow the Moon to charge the memory of the water, making it one of the powerful tools in your self-care arsenal! 

*Add certain herbs, crystals, salts, incense, and/or essential oils to direct the healing energy of the moon water for specific tasks.

3. Self-Care Routines for Self-Love

Self-love activities can be done however you want, and honestly, whenever you could use a pick me up. These routines are perfect during the Full Moon because it is known as the supreme ruler of the subconscious and unconscious parts of ourselves. By encouraging self-love, you will be releasing self-limiting beliefs, thus opening yourself for receiving more blessings! Some great examples of self-care routines include, but are not limited to: bathing, getting dressed up, going for a mindful walk, cleaning up/reorganizing your altar or sacred space, positive self-talk, writing love letters to yourself, practicing gratitude, repeating affirmations or mantras, setting boundaries, and even something as simple as dancing to your favorite songs (which is using movement to release tension)! 

4. Release/Purge

Moon fanatics, and spiritual enthusiasts alike, will swear by the power of the purge! While the media portrays full moon circles, meetings, or walks as whimsical witchcraft, for some it can be the perfect thing to do! Since the Full Moon is known for its releasing capabilities, giving your negative energy, thoughts, and pent up emotions to the moon is ideal during this phase. You can dance it out, yell it out, run it out, walk it out, just as long as you’re releasing. This will aid in mental clarity, focus, and emotional/mental balance. You can even throw items that are no longer serving in the trash you as a part of this ritual! For extreme emotions you can write them down on a piece of paper and burn it to release the negatively harbored energy (do this safely in a fire place or pit).

*Try pairing your 'purge' with protective and purifying crystals, like Malachite, to address specific thought-forms, habits, and/or emotions.

5. Charge your Crystals! (To Maximize Attributes)

Charging crystals during the Full Moon is the most recommended way to cleanse and charge your crystals! When the Full Moon is at its peak, charging and cleansing potentials are at their strongest. The Full Moon (and the waxing phases leading up to the Full Moon) provide the energy of completion and release. Starting  a few days leading up to the Full Moon, until a few days after the Full Moon’s peak, these waxing phases encourage growth, discovery, and powerful changes. By charging and cleansing your crystals during this time, the attributes of the crystals you are using will be amplified, as any negative or dense energy they've accumulated is removed.

For instance, since Rose Quartz is for unconditional love, if you’ve been struggling with self acceptance or gratitude, you may want to charge this crystal during the waxing phase, a few days before the Full Moon, until the waning phase begins, a few days after the Full Moon. This will create a maximization of the attributes typically associated with Rose Quartz, thus amplifying receptivity for unconditional love and allowing space for gratitude. 

Black Tourmaline is typically for protection. If you have been having issues with being too open to others negativity or receiving bad ends of situations, Black Tourmaline could help ward away that negativity. By charging it during the Full Moon and/or waxing phases, the protection attribute will be maximized. This will offer you much more security in your endeavors. 

If you find yourself lacking wisdom, intuition and/or insight, Labradorite would be a great tool to utilize! By charging this gem under the Full Moon during the waxing phase, this stone will maximize properties of the crown chakra, making space for authentic and valuable information and insight. After all, this is the 'crystal of magic' after all!

If you still have questions regarding how and when to cleanse and program crystals, read through our “5 Safe Ways to Clean and Program your Crystals” Self-care Blog Article! 

Other Rituals

Key Takeaway

The Full Moon offers powerful releasing potential! This power can be utilized to encourage the release of harbored negativity, lack mindset, and insecurities, which can be major deterrents of following your true calling. Overall, this phase and period of time allows you the space and perfect opportunity to release and recharge yourself in whatever ways bring you closest to the truest version of yourself. Anything you do encouraging the attributes of release and change will be impactful during this time!

Written by Brianna Colon for Good Juu Juu

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