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Spooky Sister Cat & Pumpkin, 2 Crystal Carving Bundle

Spooky Sister Cat & Pumpkin, 2 Crystal Carving Bundle

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Obsidian Healing Properties: Protection, purification, grounding

Orange Calcite Healing Properties: Creativity, vitality, passion

Learn more about the healing properties of different crystals HERE.


For the month of October, Mystic Sisterhood NFT holders get 20% off this crystal bundle and any crystals from our Spooky collection! Check the Mystic Sisterhood Discord Server for more details. Promotion ends 10/31/22


You will receive ONE obsidian witchy kitty cat carving and ONE orange calcite pumpkin in this limited edition 2 crystal bundle. Intuitively selected from limited inventory

Obsidian Witchy Kitty: ~1oz, 2.5in tall

Orange Calcite Pumpkin: ~0.50oz, 1in tall


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