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New Moon Flow (Saturday, June 17th 2023)

New Moon Flow (Saturday, June 17th 2023)

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Join us for a new moon yoga class to set intentions for the month ahead. This class will focus on calming the mind, setting intentions, and creating space for new beginnings. We will use a variety of poses, breathwork, and meditation to help you connect with the energy of the new moon and to tap into your own inner wisdom.
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  • What to expect

    • Breathwork & Meditation exercises
    • A warm-up
    • A variety of accessible poses
    • A cool-down
  • What to bring

    • A yoga mat
    • A comfortable outfit
    • A water bottle
    • A journal (optional)
  • Who it's for

    • This class is for all levels of experience! No prior yoga experience is necessary.
    • If you are pregnant or have injuries, please make us aware before class.
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