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Earthy Roots Flow: Grounding with Black Tourmaline (ROOT CHAKRA)

Earthy Roots Flow: Grounding with Black Tourmaline (ROOT CHAKRA)

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This yoga class focuses on establishing a strong connection with the earth and cultivating a sense of stability and grounding. It incorporates postures and movements that help activate and balance the root chakra, which is associated with feelings of safety, security, and being rooted in the present moment. Black Tourmaline, a protective and grounding crystal, may be incorporated into the practice to enhance the grounding experience.

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  • What to expect

    • Breathwork & Meditation exercises
    • A warm-up
    • A variety of accessible poses
    • A cool-down
  • What to bring

    • A yoga mat
    • A comfortable outfit
    • A water bottle
    • A journal (optional)
  • Who it's for

    • This class is for all levels of experience! No prior yoga experience is necessary.
    • If you are pregnant or have injuries, please make us aware before class.
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