Renewing New Moon Rituals To Manifest New Beginnings

Renewing New Moon Rituals To Manifest New Beginnings

The time of the New Moon is viewed, amongst spiritualists, as a time for new beginnings and positive reflection. This is due to the energetic shifts during the beginning of the lunar cycle, which, in its entirety, lasts about 29.5 days. The beginning of this shift is accompanied by initiation energy, making it the perfect time to take up new projects, set up a list of goals, or attain clarity concerning what actions work best for you.

Many people believe our connection with the moon is ancient and sacred, as it has represented the emotional body, and our subconscious, since the beginning of human spiritualism. However, in recent times, it is also known for its influence over living creatures’ biological rhythms: emotional, physical, and metaphysical.

Good Juu Juu New Moon Rituals

1. Journaling

Journaling will offer insights into your emotional, mental, and spiritual states. By putting your experiences and thoughts on paper, you will be able to analyze your subconscious patterns via noticing common themes, feelings, and/or triggers in your daily life. These realizations can propel you toward a more aware state of existence. In addition, journaling can be used as an outlet to deal with things you can’t commonly speak on or control. Journaling can be a great way to track how your energy melds with certain crystals as well. Keeping tabs on your feelings, thoughts, energy levels, and which crystals you work with, can help you find the best crystals for your unique energy.

2. Meditation

Meditation is great no matter the time of day, season, or moon phase! But during the new moon it is an especially powerful time to meditate and incorporate hope, love, and belief into your life, ambitions, and intentions. Through mindful meditation during the New Moon you can harness the energy of initiation and begin embodying the intentions, goals, and balance you wish for in your life. Not sure how to begin? Check out our Meditation Self-Care Blog Article! 

3. Clean your Space

Having a clean and stable space of your own can really help with overall clarity, focus, and motivation in life. Cleaning your space can also become a way to declutter your mind, as well as allow new and beneficial energy into your life. You can clean your space as normal, or you can spruce up your New Moon ritual by adding incense to your space when you're finished, lighting a candle, using our energy clearing/protection mist, placing certain crystals around the house in areas that promote their energy, or even have a nice bath to cleanse your body, which is its own temple. In addition, creating, cleaning, or re-organizing your sacred space is an incredible way to align with your higher self and bring in positivity and blessings! These small rituals will help clear out old energy and make room for new opportunities and growth.

4. Set Intentions for the Month

During the New Moon Phase, the energy of initiation calls for new beginnings. By setting intentions* for the month, along with goals and reasons to be grateful, you can begin the month with a clear mind, focused on your mission. As each day progresses towards the full moon phase you can rest assured that you are working towards alignment, balance, and your higher purpose as you set intentions and continuously meet and/or surpass your expectations! 

*Pair intention-work with programmed crystals! 

5. Cleanse and Charge your Crystals! 

Cleanse your crystals during the New Moon to start this Lunar Cycle by removing stagnant energy from your crystals! Many crystals soak up unwanted energy while in use. While crystal cleansing can be done whenever they are energetically heavy from use, the New Moon is a good time marker of when your crystals should be reprogrammed for the intentions you wish to bring in during the upcoming Lunar Month. That being said, your crystals should always be cleansed first! 

Charging Crystals during the New Moon isn’t the typical advice. However, given that crystals can soak up a lot of unwanted energy in the process of transmutation, the New Moon is the perfect opportunity to charge your crystals for their next tasks as well. Typically, the New Moon, and the waning phases leading up to the New Moon, provide the energy of release while moving towards a new beginning. During this time, crystals’ attributes can be utilized in reverse, to minimize the attributes of that specific crystal, instead of enhancing it. 

For instance, if you use Black Tourmaline for protection, yet you’ve been too guarded, you may want to charge this crystal during the waning phase, a few days before the New Moon, until the waxing phase begins, a few days after the New Moon. This will create a minimization of the attributes typically associated with Black Tourmaline, thus helping you release the habit of being closed off, that may have come from overuse of the protective attribute associated with the Black Tourmaline crystal.

In another instance let's say you have been using Blue Chalcedony to help open your throat chakra and express yourself more often, yet, for some reason you have found you’re over-expressing or dumping on others, you may want to charge this crystal during the waning phase, specifically under the New Moon. This would help to cultivate a more thoughtful/intentional use of these crystals that open the throat chakra. It is quite easy to overdo the same attribute you wished to cultivate in the first place. Thus, by charging it in the New Moon, you will lessen the possibility of the communication coming off as negative or overbearing as it has been previously overdone. 

Another example could be Tiger’s Eye, if you were using it for confidence or willpower, but now have issues with coming off as egotistic or narcissistic. Tiger’s eye promotes feelings for willpower and confidence, but overdone it is expressed as an overindulgent egotistical thought or state. By charging this crystal under the New Moon during the waning phase, those specific attributes can be lessened, promoting a healthier balance of ego and selfhood. This then corrects/ lessens the attributes that were a bit too strong. 

If you still have questions regarding how to cleanse and program crystals, feel free to read through our “5 Safe Ways to Clean and Program your Crystals” Self-care Blog Article! 

Final Takeaway

The New Moon creates incredible opportunities for reflection and initiation. Taking advantage of this phase comes from knowing what you want, and dedicating steady time and energy toward encompassing these attributes into your life so they become a fully functioning part of your everyday being. These rituals are all about putting aside time for self-encouragement and dedicating yourself to your most authentic path. 

Written by Brianna Colon for Good Juu Juu

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