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What is Crystal Healing?

People always ask me what’s up with my juu juu collection. Why am I always wearing them, meditating with them, and preaching about them to everyone? The simplest answer: healing. My crystals are beautiful to wear and decorate with, but they are also powerful healers. I consider crystal healing ‘vibrational medicine,’ which adds a whole new dimension to the saying “good vibes.”

Let’s start with some basic science. Remember learning about molecules and atoms in high school chemistry? Everything is composed of millions of atoms. These atoms are in a constant state of motion, or vibration, and the speed (frequency) at which they vibrate will determine their state (solid, liquid, or gas). Human beings, like everything else, are made of this vibrating energy.

Vibrations extend far beyond just the physical and tangible, sound frequencies have different vibrations, and so do your thoughts. Positive thoughts (love and heath) have higher vibrations, and negative thoughts (fear and sickness) have lower vibrations. As human beings in this Universe of vibrating energy, our goal should always be to vibrate at a higher frequency to improve our life experience.

Many scientists, doctors and metaphysics experts believe that certain frequencies can prevent or cure disease. Are you still with me? I’m about to explain the correlation between vibrations, crystals, and healing. Science shows the cells each part of our body have different frequencies. It is believed that when different parts of our body become stressed or ill, the frequencies are altered (or blocked), thus no longer optimal or healthy. All crystals are naturally high vibrational, so they are an easy way to correct your frequency, or “raise your vibration.” Is it that hard to believe? After all, Quartz crystals (natural silicon) are used in electronic circuits for their highly inductive natural properties. Quartz crystals are known to maintain stable signals and minimize phase noise in modern-day electronics.

People often ask if crystal healing means I’m practicing witchcraft or some new age religious cult. While crystal healing is connected to spirituality, it has also been practiced since ancient times and has become quietly normalized in ways we often forget. I see crystals as another way of practicing self-care, reminding myself of the importance of setting intentions, and as a beautiful embodiment of love and beauty. How to use them is up to you, beautiful things await!

Written by Sierra Lewis, Co-founder of Good Juu Juu 

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