These domains simplify cryptocurrency payments by replacing the usual long wallet addresses with readable names.

Good Juu Juu's full wallet address is 0xfd9bc4707961125f6becd693de62af68b5b51e4f, with goodjuujuu.nft we can quickly send and receive crypto!

5 ways to use an Unstoppable Domain

1. Use it as a secure web3 login

Use your UD to access Web3 apps and sites, without compromising privacy! Share data on your own terms.

2. Use it to create your Web3 profile

With UD Domain Profiles you can build your digital identity, verify social accounts, choose an NFT avatar to display and more!

3. Use it to get paid 

Your UD domain makes sending and receiving crypto easy - instead of using the long wallet address, you can use an easy-to-read name. UD is compatible with popular wallet apps like Coinbase and Rainbow.

4. Use it to build a Web3 website

Build a site that is yours for life and requires no renewal, gas or hosting fees! Supported in apps like Brave and Opera.

5. Use dChat for P2P communication

Sign with your crypto address to access P2P chat, group chats, and read-only broadcasting channels

Ready to use your domain? 

Learn more about what to do after minting.

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