How We Source Our Crystals Ethically

How We Source Our Crystals Ethically

Mother Earth has given us an incredible gift in healing crystals. And the best way to appreciate this gift is to make sure our crystals are ethically sourced.

Ethically sourced crystals are the ones that have been produced responsibly and with compassion. It involves no compromises with the environment and the people that work for it. This is crucial because good energy begins in the harmony between people and nature.

Having said that, the process of sourcing crystals can be a tricky one. We want to know where our crystals come from, and we also want to have transparency on what goes behind the scenes. 

Here at Good Juu Juu, we take the time and care to ensure that our crystals are not only beautiful but also ethical in origin. So if you’re curious to know how we go on about sourcing our crystals, read along.

Ethically Sourcing Crystals in 4 Steps

1. Research

The world of healing crystals is enormous and quite tricky to navigate. There are thousands of different minerals and they all go through various methods of production—both naturally and artificially. So identifying the right crystals and their origin is a challenge in itself. That’s why we’re heavily invested in getting the right information about each crystal before they hit our shelves. Finding general information on the products and their value is key while sourcing crystals ethically.

2. Finding and vetting suppliers

We're committed to the quality and safety of our crystals. That’s why we only work with suppliers that meet ethical sourcing practices as well as compliance with international standards. We make sure that they’re serious about the production ethics, quality, and safe working environment as much as we are. Besides, we also take things like certification, experience, and previous track record into consideration while vetting for suppliers.

3. Establishing trust with suppliers

Trust is the foundation of any healthy business relationship, and it's impossible to establish long-term success without a solid foundation. Here at Good Juu Juu, we take our time to get to know our suppliers well. This involves us getting a clear picture of the origin of the crystals, sourcing methods, and production process as a whole. All these aspects are a good reflection of a business and the people that run them. 

4. Cost and pricing

The last step when sourcing ethically is that we try to get competitive rates for you. This involves buying in bulk and keeping our stocks stacked up for the future. Although the prices may sometimes vary from market rates, there are no compromises made on quality. We make sure that all our buyers get the right information and the best value for their hard-earned money.

The Bottom Line

As a business, we purchase from someone we trust, and we want you to do the same. That’s why ethically sourcing is the foundation of what we do here at Good Juu Juu. Healing crystals are a blessing from Mother Earth. And the best way to appreciate this is by not causing any harm or disruption to nature at all stages of production and distribution. Browse our ethically sourced crystal collection here. Watch our Youtube video to learn more about sourcing crystals.

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