Crystals for Sagittarius Season

Crystals for Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Season is upon us, so it is time to bring out your playful and curious selves! For this season, we selected crystals that correspond to formulating insight, transmutation of negativity, and communication. Working with these crystals will help you stay mentally strong, seize the moment and align with your most authentic self.

Characteristics of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that represents people born between November 22 and December 21.

People born under this sign are typically adventurous, with an intensity backed by the element of fire. Sagittarius’ favorite things include humor, traveling, and learning new things. Sagittarius people are optimistic due to the abundance and growth offered by their ruling planet Jupiter. 

The Best Crystals For Sagittarius Season

Crystals for Sagittarius season


Black Obsidian is one of the best grounding stones for beginners! This crystal not only protects against psychic attack and negativity, it also purifies and transmutes these energies.  Black Obsidian can help you stay rooted when adversities arise, analyzing the “root issue” without pessimism. This crystal will be a great companion for any intense moments during Sagittarius Season. Black Obsidan’s protective qualities also make it a great companion for adventurers and travelers in general.


Lepidolite is the harmonizing stone of mind, body, and soul. This crystal helps with connecting to divine wisdom and balancing energies within. As an adventurous energy surrounds this season, it is ideal to have stones that encourage wise decision-making. During this season, the call to seize the moment will require sound judgment, but it may also bring on added stress, so help Lepidolite can bring in peace and balance to any excessive tendencies. 

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is all about expression and communication. Due to Sagittarius’ love of learning, Blue Kyanite can help with relaying recently accrued knowledge. Utilizing this stone will make self-expression and communicating thoughts easier since this crystal aids the throat chakra. This gem also promotes spiritual connection and insight. Blue Kyanite is an excellent choice for anyone looking to grow in the way they communicate with their communities.


Turquoise helps bring wisdom and a sense of inner stillness to the intention-setter using it. Turquoise is a perfect stone for Sagittarius Season as it allows for the fiery parts of our passions to shine. Yet, this stone is incredible for how it also reminds the user to take time away from external demands or obligations and bring the mind towards peace to regain clarity. Similar to Lepidolite, it also balances energies and chakras, thus creating a more harmonious experience. 


Sodalite, like Blue Kyanite, is an incredible crystal for communication. Sodalite promotes the collaborative efforts of intuition and rationality to create an expanded perception. This crystal can also add harmonious energies to group projects or conversations. Sodalite enhances the exchange of information, allowing for clarity in conversation. It is a beautiful tool during this season to speak honestly, while encouraging self-belief. Sodalite is a great crystal to bring to work, school or any environment that requires collaboration.


Sagittarius Season is about living authentically. The crystals for this season promote peace, self-acceptance, spirituality, intuition, and protection. By utilizing these stones during this time, you may find more ease in accepting the opportunities and abundance headed your way. Through authentic self-expression you will find it easier to walk the path best for you, while finding successes along the journey!

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