Sexual Healing Juu Juu Box

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The Sexual Healing Juu Juu box is about acknowledging the role that sexuality plays in spirituality.  The Quartz Phallus is safe for internal use - perfect for setting intentions of womb healing, purification or fertility.  The Sexual Healing crystal infused perfume "has a warm scent will make anyone feel confident, and the red jasper crystals it contains promote sexual passion and also aids in working with sexual trauma and fear of intimacy". Suiheart Club says this oil is perfect for a "truly sensual aphrodisiac experience"

Each box contains 4 products and is valued at $143.00.

  1. Good Juu Juu Medium Sized Quartz Phallus, 4-5 inches, Intuitively Selected  ($88.00 Value)
  2. Good Juu Juu Rose Quartz Yoni Egg ($19.99 Value)
  3. Good Juu Juu Quartz Bracelet ($11.00 Value)
  4. SuiHeart Club - Red Jasper Sexual Healing Essential Oil Fragrance ($24.00 Value)