Protect Your Energy Juu Juu Box

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What is Bad Juu Juu ?
Bad Juu Juu is simply bad vibes. This is the energy that vibrates at the levels of fear, anger, jealousy, misery,aggression, etc. Everything is energy. Many of us are naturally sensitive and empathetic, so we pick up on other people's energy easily - good or bad. Bad Juu Juu is contagious, but luckily this kit is full of protective tools to help maintain your peace and create energetic boundaries.
  1. Sage Bundle - Burning sage is an easy and effective way to cleanse your energy field, as well as your surroundings. Sage will clear away any dense/negative energies. Be sure to open any windows or doors to allow the Bad Juu Juu to clear out completely.
  2. Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Malachite, Obsidian (Skull) and Smoky Quartz - Name a more iconic line up? These are the most powerful crystals for protection, grounding and purification. They are all extremely effective for absorbing and neutralizing negative energy. These crystals create a protective shield that deflects Bad Juu Juu. They are all pocket sizes, so you can bring your Juu Juu on the go. They are perfect for your desk or altar.
  3. Evil Eye: Key chain & Bracelet - The "Evil Eye" or Nazar is a protective symbol that is thousands of years old. It's been used since ancient times to protect the wearer from Bad Juu Juu ... particularly jealousy/envy, evil spirits and bad intentions of others. It acts as a shield from harm and negativity.