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Om Cloth Crystal Pouch

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Om (A - U -M) is known as the sound of the #universe.

The sound connects to and energizes the #chakras. 

Each letter is attached to a different state. In written from A is connected to the #awakening, U the #dream, and M the unconscious.

More about the sound and symbol 

Om (A-U-M) is used by Yogis at the start and end of practice. The sound that it makes helps to #calm both the mind and central nervous system.

Chanting the sound during #meditation helps remove negativity, reduce stress, helps with your #concentration as well as sleep cycle. 

Hindus view it as a universal language. It is printed in many sacred texts (Upanishads)nd is believed to be the sound of creation. 

Tibetan Buddhist view it as a symbol for #wholeness, #perfection and the #infinite. 

In religions that believe in the trinity it represents the three states of #consciousness and the realms of Earth, Heaven and the Underworld.


*Length: 3 in, Height: 3 in*