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Good Juu Juu - goodjuujuu
Good Juu Juu - goodjuujuu
Good Juu Juu - goodjuujuu

*1 LEFT* Crystal Beginners Juu Juu Box

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What is the Crystal Beginners Juu Juu Box?

The Crystal Beginners Juu Juu Box is perfect for those who are new to crystal healing, it contains the essentials every crystal enthusiast should have in their collection!

    1. Chakra Balancing Wand - This wand is hand-made with 7 different crystals: Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Jasper, Carnelian,  and Red Jasper).
    2. Selenite Tower - Read our blog about selenite or Watch our YouTube video about energetic properties of selenite.
    3. Juu Juu Journal - Use this pocket-sized journal to set intentions using your crystals and take notes about their unique healing properties.
    4. Quartz Bracelet - Quartz is very versatile and can be programmed with ANY intention, it is a powerful ally for mental clarity, manifestation and intention setting.
    5. Quartz Point Keychain - The perfect way to bring this energy amplifier on the go!
    6. OM Pouch from Indonesia -  Use this cloth pouch to keep your new crystals safe when you’re on the go.
    7. Pyrite Cube from Spain - Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold”, promotes good luck, wealth, protection, determination and clarity.

    8. Turquoise Tumble from China -  Watch our youtube video about the emotional healing properties of turquoise and why we love turquoise for PMS relief.
    9. Rose Quartz Necklace -  Rose quartz is known to inspire harmony, compassion and forgiveness. Grab a rose quartz bracelet to bring this love-inspiring stone on the go.
    10. Amethyst Hexagon -  Amethyst helps develop intuition and spirituality, eliminates negative energy, encourages restful sleep, and reduces stress. Grab a beautiful amethyst necklace to bring this protective stone on the go.
    11. Flower of Life Crystal Grid - Read our blog to learn how to make your own special crystal grid