Life Coaching with Sierra

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Sierra Lewis is an entrepreneur committed to creating and sharing self-care. Sierra specializes in Business and Product Development. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Operations. Her consulting firm, Renee Cosmetics Consulting, provides strategy and services to start-ups looking to commercialize a new health/beauty product or service. She has developed and commercialized dozens of consumer goods, across industries from personal care (beauty and aromatherapy) to cannabis-infused (edibles and flower). She created and owns two brands: Flora & Fauna and Good Juu Juu. The beauty line, Flora & Fauna is available on Amazon Prime and has scored features in several wellness subscription boxes. Good Juu Juu is a lifestyle brand, promoting self care via crystal healing. The Good Juu Juu product selection offers customers a variety of ways to balance their chakras and raise their vibrations.

Sierra offers the following areas of expertise to her mentees:

  • Breaking negative cycles and overcoming bad habits
  • Self-empowerment, self-esteem, confidence
  • Growth and financial success
  • Overcoming PMS and menstrual issues
  • Mentorship and advising