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Atlantasite, Healerite & Clear Quartz Crystal Wand

Atlantasite, Healerite & Clear Quartz Crystal Wand

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ONE OF ONE - Wand Specifications:

Wire: Copper

Length: ~6in

Weight: ~4.5oz

photos show front and back 

*comes with a free felt protective/storage sleeve*


Each wand is individually hand crafted (RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA) by a dear friend of ours! They are assembled using industrial strength epoxy, but please be sure not to drop them. The crystals and their companion stones are selected for their energy, purity and healing powers and are considered to be powerful healing tools.

How to use:

  • Crystal wands are used by various types of energy healers to clear out negative energy from a person, animal or space. Just having one in the house will absorb and dissipate negative energy.
  • Crystal wands can also be held during meditation or for relieving stress.
  • Decorate your sacred space with them as one of a kind art pieces

To keep your wand in the best condition:

  • Keep out of reach of small children!
  • DO NOT immerse in water or bury in the ground. Doing so many cause the wire work and stones to come loose. Water can also leave a residue which can interfere with the energy flow of the wand.
  • You can clean the wand by ...
    • Immersing it in the smoke of incense or dried herbs
    • Putting it in a bowl of DRY salt
    • Putting it in the sunlight or under a full moon
  • If you MUST clean off dust and dirt with water, use a DAMP cloth and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth immediately after.
  • Initially a protective coating is put on the wire BUT over time the wire will tarnish (because copper oxidizes when exposed to air over a period of time). To slow down this process, you can coat the wire with clear nail polish from time to time.
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