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Good Juu Juu

A Solyd Selection: 12 Essential Crystals

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12 Essential Pocket Sized Crystals for every collector!

  1. Small Polished Clear Quartz for Personal Growth
  2. Small Polished Rose Quartz for Compassion
  3. Smoky Quartz Point for Resiliency
  4. Small Polished Amazonite for Truth
  5. Raw Blue Kyanite for Empathy
  6. Raw Pyrite Cluster for Prosperity
  7. Polished Carnelian for Vitality
  8. Polished Sodalite for Harmony
  9. Polished Tigers Eye for Discernment
  10. Raw Amethyst for Protection
  11. Polished Selenite for Purification
  12. Black Tourmaline for Grounding

The crystals are packaged in a small holographic bag and come with a Good Juu Juu sticker.

High Quality

Guaranteed genuine and authentic crystal.

Ethically Sourced

Sourced from an ethical supply partner with fair labor standards.

In stock

Ships within 5 business days from Richmond, Virginia (USA).

Sustainably packaged with recycled materials like newspaper.

“A SOLYD Selection” was created with our community in mind. The more sold, the more cashback for everyone - up to $10 each if we sell out!

What is a Solyd deal?

It’s a secure, fun way to earn cash back based on our power as a community - the
larger our crew, the more cash for everyone. If we sell 15 of these crystal bundles between 9/1/22 -9/30/22, everyone will get the maximum cash back ($10 each!). If we don’t, you’ll still get cash back depending on how many we sell during the promo.

How do I claim the deal?

Buy this product, text back the claim code you get at checkout & via email/text. Do a SOLYD by sharing the deal with fellow crystal lovers, then come watch the progress on this product page!

When do I get my cash back?

As soon as the deal ends or sells out, we instantly send payment to your Venmo or BTC. So tell your friends before the deal expires, so they can get their crystals and cash back too!

Blockchain technology protects your privacy!

We are proud to be one of the few pilot partners intentionally selected
to have early access to this new, innovative blockchain technology.
SOLYD doesn’t collect customer data, doesn’t require logins,
credentials, sign ups, or your DNA. This deal is powered by community,
not your private data. See full Game Terms and Conditions

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