Good Juu Juu is the world's first phygital metaphysical store! We proudly accept cryptocurrency as a payment method (currently only Ethereum and Bitcoin) and offer our beautiful crystals in real life and the metaverse (as NFTs).

Juu Juu Gallery is a growing collection of crystal NFTs you can add to your wallet (genesis collection minted November 2021). Every layer is hand illustrated and colored with intention by our talented artist Anni Bernet - no randomly generated AI art here! Just like real crystals, each NFT has it's own unique traits and quantities are limited.

Juu Juu Gallery Token Utility

Juu Juu Gallery NFTs are a utility token for our store! Every token unlocks a lifetime discount code. Token holders can shop our high quality gem and mineral selection at discounted prices, all year round!

Owning a Juu Juu Gallery NFT also makes you apart of the Juu Juu Fam - a collective of artistic and entrepreneurial crystal loving frens! Token holders also gain access to other exclusive features like members only merch, private Discord channels and participating in product innovation by voting on what crystals are released next.

Powered by Women

Good Juu Juu Founder Sierra

Good Juu Juu's Founder, Sierra, discovered the power of crystals in a last ditch effort to manage her PMDD using natural methods. PMDD is "amped up premenstrual syndrome (PMS)" that causes severe irritability, depression, or anxiety in the week or two before menstruation.  Her struggles with PMDD taught her the importance of self care and prioritizing both physical and mental well being. She started to explore alternative wellness - yoga, meditation, essential oils, and crystals. The first time she walked into a metaphysical store, she felt at home. She immediately felt connected to the unique energies of the crystals and started wearing them and meditating with them regularly.

Sierra created Good Juu Juu in 2018, which has become well known for it's wide selection of crystals for sexual healing (gorgeous gems and minerals carved into yoni and phallus shapes), used for intentions of reproductive health, sexual empowerment and fertility. The name Good Juu Juu pays homage to her oldest ancestors in West Africa, the word “juju” comes from traditional West African religion where crystals were used for healing, protection, attracting abundance, removing negativity, inspiring creativity, and promoting sexual vitality.

Anni Bernet Digital Artist

Anni Bernet is a digital artist, illustrator and yoga instructor who lives in Argentina. She's been creating unique designs for Good Juu Juu since 2019. She is the creator of the Juu Juu Girls that are used for the brand's merch items and promotional ads. In November 2021, Sierra collaborated with Anni to create a limited collection of crystal NFTs called Juu Juu Gallery.

Juu Juu Gallery Series 001 Collection: Editions

Juu Juu Gallery Series 001 NFTs

Series 001 NFTs unlock a 15% lifetime discount at Good Juu Juu.

The Series 001 Collection uses Polygon, their new POS (Proof of Stake) system allows transactions to be processed more efficiently. That means using less energy consumption, fewer carbon emissions and more eco-friendliness in the blockchain community. Learn more about the difference Polygon makes.

Juu Juu Gallery Series 002 Collection: 1/1s

Juu Juu Gallery Series 002 NFTsSeries 002 NFTs unlock a 20% lifetime discount at Good Juu Juu.

+ $50.00 Store Credit

+ One Free Limited Edition Tia Tia X Juu Juu Gallery Merch Item

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