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The first of their kind

Good Juu Juu is the first metaphysical store to create digital crystals ... because the metaverse needs crystals too!

Our new Juu Juu Gallery is a growing collection of unique digital crystals you can add to your NFT portfolio. Just like real crystals, each have their own unique traits and quantities are limited.

Our first collection features a unique variety of 9 crystal types, 7 crystal shapes and 9 complementary gradient backgrounds.

Not just pretty art - the utility factor

Yes, these NFTs are gorgeous, original works of art that are limited in quantity -  so they can be treated like other collectible NFTs that are traded and ranked by rarity. Like fine art, every layer is hand drawn and colored with intention by a real human - no randomly generated AI art here!

However, there's also the utility factor: Your NFT also comes with "Unlockable content"- every NFT unlocks a lifetime discount code you can apply to every purchase you make from our store. Yup - BIG VIP Status, you get to shop our high quality gem and mineral selection at discounted prices, all year round - so you can build your IRL crystal collection too! (PLEASE NOTE OUR STORE CURRENTLY ONLY SHIPS WITHIN THE UNITED STATES, WE ARE WORKING TO EXPAND TO GLOBAL SHIPPING IN 2022)

NFT holders also gain access to other exclusive features like..

  • Private Discord channels - Early access to new releases, exclusive giveaways and drops only for existing NFT holders, participation in product innovation, access to members only merch 
  • Shaping the development roadmap - NFT holders have the ability to participate in product innovation, community members can vote on what crystals are released and submit ideas for future traits.

Browse the Juu Juu Gallery

Juu Juu Gallery NFTs Opensea

Polygon Offers Sustainability for NFTs

Many NFTs use Ethereum. The POW (Proof of Work) transactions associated with minting them consume an excessive amount of energy, creating an environmental concern regarding its carbon footprint.

Good Juu Juu is proud to use Polygon, their new POS (Proof of Stake) system allows transactions to be processed more efficiently. That means using less energy consumption, fewer carbon emissions and more eco-friendliness in the blockchain community. Learn more about the difference Polygon makes.

The Juu Juu Vault

Good Juu Juu is actively purchasing NFTs from established and new artists in the community to add to our “vault” for future giveaways and long term liquidity. Check out our current collection here.

Are you a generous artist who wants to donate an NFT to our vault? Contact us here.

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