Juu Juu Talks

What is a “Juu Juu Talk”?

A “Juu Juu Talk” is a personalized coaching session with the goal of identifying and past and present traumas and overcoming the associated limiting/negative thoughts that can linger following these difficult experiences. This is accomplished by reflecting on feelings and emotion, unpacking our reactions and thoughts, and revealing inner strength and new insights. Our goal is to empower you and help you find inner confidence and strength. We will conclude with “shadow work” recommendations regarding how you can take action, make changes and make progress. Soon you will be able to identify and integrate on your own, with no help necessary from us!

How can I prepare for my first Juu Juu Talk?

If it is your first session, we ask that you answer a few questions prior to the video conference or phone call. Provide as much detail as you can, including any questions you are looking to address. Be mindful of your desired provider’s recommended areas of expertise. Have a notebook ready, we may conclude our discussion with an exercise (recommended reading/journaling prompts, etc).


    Click here to Book a Juu Juu Talk with Founder, Sierra Lewis!

    Sierra Lewis is an entrepreneur committed to creating and sharing self care. Sierra specializes in Business and Product Development. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Operations. Her consulting firm, Renee Cosmetics Consulting, provides strategy and services to start-ups looking to commercialize a new health/beauty product or service. She has developed and commercialized dozens of consumer goods, across industries from personal care (beauty and aromatherapy) to cannabis infused (edibles and flower). She paired up with Digital Marketing Expert, Marion Henson, to create two of their own brands: Flora & Fauna and Good Juu Juu. The beauty line, Flora & Fauna is available on Amazon Prime and has scored features in several wellness subscription boxes. Good Juu Juu is a lifestyle brand, promoting self care via crystal healing. The Good Juu Juu product selection offers customers a variety of ways to balance their chakras and raise their vibrations.


    Sierra offers the following areas of expertise to her mentees:

    • Breaking negative cycles and overcoming bad habits
    • Self-empowerment, self-esteem, confidence
    • Growth and financial success
    • Overcoming PMS and menstrual issues
    • Mentorship and advising

    Sierra coaching bio


    PLEASE NOTE: All “Juu Juu Talk” sales are final. We will offer NO REFUNDS or exchanges. Purchase at your own discretion.