A Message From the Founder, Sierra Lewis

"The first time I walked into a metaphysical store, I felt at home. It was peaceful and quiet, but the stones emanated such colorful and lively energy! I felt connected to them, and I started wearing them and meditating with them regularly. They quickly became one of many resources to lean on during my healing journey. My collection started growing, as I read dozens of books about how to use them and harness their healing properties. The more I learned about all the spiritual and metaphysical healing benefits of crystals, the more empowered I felt to share my passion with others."


"I’ve always has an entrepreneurial flare (I own two other businesses - Renee Cosmetics Consulting and Flora & Fauna) but Good Juu Juu marked a major turning point in entrepreneurial mindset and journey.  It was more than just ‘work’ or ‘business’ or a ‘financial opportunity’. In October 2018, when Good Juu Juu was founded, I started consciously committing my time and energy to educating others about how crystals can assist their self-care journey, but Good Juu Juu is about more than crystals to me. Good Juu Juu promotes an entire wellness, self care centered lifestyle. I believe in the power of writing and speaking affirmations, practicing yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, journaling, exercise, proper diet, and rest.  "

"The word “JUJU” comes from traditional West African religion (where some of my oldest ancestors were from). JuJu is an object with mystical, supernatural powers. These objects are used for healing, protection, attracting abundance, removing negativity, inspiring creativity, and promoting sexual vitality.  It’s only right to honor my ancestors, and my passion with the name Good Juu Juu. I truly believe my intuitively selected “Juu Juu” (crystals) , combined with a balanced lifestyle, will empower you to manifest your soul’s true desires"