Good Juu Juu is a Love Story 


Keep Calm and Juu Juu On     Good Juu Juu is a love story...  it's not the kind where a princess is rescued. This is a love story between your mind and your spirit. Good Juu Juu is the tangible, manifestation of a long journey all of us will take at one point or another. The inner journey to truth and love. Some of us are unconsciously on this journey now, fighting battle after battle...wondering why we face endless struggle and conflict. Some of us are CONSCIOUSLY on this journey, learning that nothing in life has to be a struggle if we hold love and acceptance in our hearts.

         There is nothing inherently magical about sitting in a room quietly or collecting rocks. The magic is not within the contents of this box, but it is within yourself and your own heart. The contents of the box will help to deepen this connection, as many of us have neglected it. Good Juu Juu is intended to aid your spiritual journey, helping you explore the depths of your heart... we promise you will be delighted by what you discover.


Good Juu Juu Cloth Crystal Flower Grid


At Good Juu Juu we make a conscious effort to only include products made or curated by local artisans. That means when you purchase a Good Juu Juu box you are“shopping small” and supporting several small business owners. Every piece of jewelry, bar of soap, candle or herb bundle is made with love, just for you.