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Mini Crystal Phallus Keychain

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Phallus, Penis, Pecker  - whatever you call it, these handmade sculptures take the phrase 'Big Dick Energy' to a whole new level. Perfect for Divine Masculine Sexual Healing Rituals!

~1 inch long

EACH CRYSTAL IS UNIQUE, please expect some variation from the photos shown.

  • Amethyst: Chevron (white Quartz Inclusions)
  • Lapis: May include Gray calcite and Pyrite Inclusions
  • Dragon Bloodstone and Bloodstone are Green and Red.

Disclaimer: Be gentle with your new keychain - they are made of 100% crystal! DON’T add them to a set of keys where they will consistently bang against other metal keys/keychains - this could cause the crystal phallus to break OR break off the keychain! Good Juu Juu is not responsible for refunding or replacing keychains that are broken.

High Quality

Guaranteed genuine and authentic crystal.

Ethically Sourced

Sourced from an ethical supply partner with fair labor standards.

In stock

Ships within 5 business days from Richmond, Virginia (USA).

Sustainably packaged with recycled materials like newspaper.

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