Crystals for Aquarius Season

Crystals for Aquarius Season

Aquarius season is the perfect time to gain new knowledge and reflect on the creative aspects of yourself.

The crystals for this season help you connect with your creativity through authenticity. These crystals promote abundance and self-love for expression. When you incorporate these crystals into your daily practice, they’ll have a positive impact on how you feel about yourself as well as what you create.

Characteristics of Aquarius

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that represents people born between January 20 and February 18.

They’re known for their intellectual side. Aquarius people are very unique, and typically find themselves fitting the ‘outcast’ archetype.

Aquarius' loves to analyze situations until they feel encompassed by the information they possess. Aquarius also loves exploring new places, people and things!

With Uranus as their ruling planet, Aquarius people tend to be big-picture innovators.

The Best Crystals For Aquarius Season

Crystals for Aquarius Season


Larimar is a stone of enlightenment that offers gentle support to help you embody your fullest potential! This crystal is perfect for those who typically find themselves overwhelmed by outside influence or ideas. Offering strength and stress-relief, Larimar is perfect for Aquarius’ occasional impulsivity. You'll find that wearing this gem can help you feel more in tune with yourself and reduce the effects of environmental stress.


During Aquarius Season, Kunzite is an ideal choice to support unconditional love. This crystal balances the masculine and feminine energies within, creating a harmonious space for love to exist. This is optimal for Aquarian energy, as they can be hot and cold when unsure! In addition, it enhances wisdom, aiding in releasing biased perceptions.


Aquarius season is perfect for working with Amazonite! This crystal corresponds to the throat chakra, which means it aids in honest and clear communication. This gem is ideal for Aquarian energy because it supports exploring authentic thoughtforms, before outside judgment can take hold. Use this crystal for insight regarding interpersonal relationships and to support sound decision making.


Amethyst is a beautiful and powerful crystal that resonates with the energy of Aquarius Season. It’s associated with wisdom, etheric realms and protection. This crystal also helps settle a wandering mind, which is perfect for the tumultuous Aquarian! The high vibrating frequency of Amethyst provides you the strength and protection necessary to walk in your truth with confidence.


This crystal empowers the Root Chakra, making it a master at grounding energies! For Aquarius season it is all about kicking conventions to become the truest you. Agate is perfect for keeping goals and actions in an action-oriented space, as opposed to daydreaming and remaining stagnant. Agate helps maintain focus and security within one’s own identity. 


Aquarius season is the ideal time to focus on your self-love, communication and perception. The crystals we recommend for this season offer support with clear thinking, interpersonal relationships and knowledge of self! These gems also support thinking things through fully to support the best action towards your goals!

Written by Brianna Colon for Good Juu Juu

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