Juu Juu Gallery

series 001 Collection: Editions

Unlock a 15% lifetime discount at Good Juu Juu! Connect your wallet to our website using the "Perks Inside" button on the bottom right of any page.

Nine crystals, nine editions of each.

Minted November 2021, Polygon NFTs.

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Web3's favorite crystal store

We accept cryptocurrency as a payment method via Coinbase Commerce.

Our Crystal NFT collection, Juu Juu Gallery, offers special benefits!

We offer a token-gated shopping experience for NFT collectors - connect your wallet for perks!

Juu Juu Gallery

Series 002 collection: One of One

Unlock a 20% lifetime discount at Good Juu Juu + $50.00 Store Credit + One Free Limited Edition Merch Item! Connect your wallet to our website using the "Perks Inside" button on the bottom right of any page.

Three crystals, ONE edition of each.

Minted March 2022, Ethereum NFTs.

Purchase on Opensea
  • @juujuumama

    Good Juu Juu's Founder, Sierra created Good Juu Juu in 2018. The name Good Juu Juu pays homage to her oldest ancestors in West Africa, the word “juju” comes from traditional West African religion where crystals were used for healing, protection, attracting abundance, removing negativity, inspiring creativity, and promoting sexual vitality.

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  • @annibernet

    Anni Bernet is a digital artist, illustrator and yoga instructor who lives in Argentina. She's been creating unique designs for Good Juu Juu since 2019. In addition to being the illustrator behind our Crystal NFT collections, she is the creator of the Juu Juu Girls that are used for the brand's merch items and promotional ads.

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