Crystals for Gratitude

Crystals for Gratitude

In this special Thanksgiving post, I will share two of my favorite crystals that will amplify gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation. We’ve all heard the saying “count your blessings,” but sometimes the stresses and struggles of everyday life make just forget just how many blessings we have. Toiling over what we don’t have will never bring it, but appreciating what we do have puts us one step closer to having ‘more’. Louise Hay wrote, “Gratitude brings more to be grateful about, so today I make a point of expressing gratitude for everything in my life!”

Use this message as a reminder to adjust your perspective and attitude always to be one of appreciation. Your ego is accustomed to finding things to be dissatisfied about, but it’s just as easy to find things to be happy about. I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful for the air I breathe, the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, the family that supports me and the work that allows me to make a living.

Rose Quartz is widely accepted as the go-to crystal for love. Rose quartz helps me appreciate myself, which then allows me to reflect that same appreciation outward. On ‘rose quartz days’ I am telling myself I need to be a little more gentle and tender, and less self-critical. What is the opposite of self-criticism? Self-approval. How do you approve of yourself? By appreciating yourself and all that is.

Blue Apatite has many uses, but try it this season to stir up more feelings of positivity and hope. This soothing stone will help expand your awareness and transcend selfishness and thanklessness. Since it’s blue, it will also help clear the Throat Chakra, and allow for truthful and honest expression of your emotions. Gratitude is even more powerful when shared with others, so use this crystal to encourage that loving communication.


Written by Sierra Lewis,  Co-Founder  of Good Juu Juu

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