Crystals for Cancer Season

Crystals for Cancer Season

Cancer season calls us back toward our safe spaces and security. This season is the perfect opportunity to pamper your inner self, and cater to your emotional body. 

The crystals for Cancer season promote inner awareness as well as receptivity and reflectivity. There is a heavy focus on forming and maintaining familial and friendship bonds in Cancer energy and these crystals help with clarity of self and emotional states, which is ideal during this time.

Characteristics of Cancer

Cancer is the zodiac sign, in the element of water, that represents people born between June 21 and July 22. Ruler of the Fourth house of home, we can see why this season highlights interpersonal relationships as well as the intrapersonal. Intuition and the sentimental are prominent factors in Cancerian energy.

Given their focus on home and inner-worlds, Cancer season is a season of targeting areas in our life that need recharging or a fresh outlook in order to thrive. Ruled by the moon, Cancerians are communal and maternal, opting for the comfort of those closest to them, or a familiar space, over a night outing.

Crystals for Cancer Season 

The Best Crystals For Cancer Season

1. Moonstone

Known for its feminine energy, moonstone is the ideal crystal for Cancer season. It allows for the cultivation of intuition, and offers support in strengthening our connection with the divine feminine energy within and calls for new beginnings. While the main focus during this time is on recharging, this crystal offers the inspiration and fortune to do so successfully.

2. Carnelian

Providing the promotion of positive life changes, Carnelian is the perfect crystal to gain courage to change areas of your life that require restructuring. Because Cancer season calls for us to return to our inner-worlds, this crystal also enhances life-force and creativity allowing us to be receptive and motivated to work toward better outcomes in our life.

3. Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a protection crystal that offers a lot during Cancer Season. Promoting tranquility and wholeness, elevating your current state, and or any spiritual gifts you may have, will have higher success rates when tapping into this crystal’s energy. To leave behind what one doesn’t want, and to promote the peace you need on the journey toward your goals, Red Jasper will provide much support.

4. Tiger’s Eye

The grounding stone, Tiger’s Eye, is known throughout various cultures to ward off evil. In addition, it helps alleviate feelings of fear and concerns of safety. During times of renewal, or emotional growing pains, such as the lessons that come in with Cancer Season, Tiger’s Eye enhances personal power and focus, while protecting against negative energies and clearing emotional blockages.

5. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is an optimal crystal for any obstacles during the Season of Cancer, specifically regarding success, muddied minds, and the surrendering of old wounds. With the focus of this season being the emotional body and intuition, Smoky Quartz offers grounding, protection, wellbeing, and relief. The plethora of uses makes Smoky Quartz one of the most recommended and simpler crystals to work with.


Cancer season specifically asks us to retreat inward and recharge areas of your personal life that may require restructuring. The ideal crystal companions for this time have properties offering surrender, renewal, elevation and connection. By going inward during this season, and pairing its energy with crystals that align, one can transform their inner-world into a more intuitive, and less fear-oriented, space.

Written by Brianna Colon for Good Juu Juu

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