Healing Crystals for a New Home

Healing Crystals for a New Home

While crystals can be used for ritualistic purposes, they are also useful for adding, neutralizing, or maintaining a particular energy within a space. There are plenty of benefits to having certain crystals in the living room, for instance, or even your bedroom! Various crystals and their specific properties can enhance and regulate desired energies. Perhaps you’d like people to clear their energy before fully entering your home, or maybe you’d like releasing and restorative energies in your bathroom - we have some ideas for you! 

Good Juu Jug's Crystals for a New Home

Smoky Quartz

This crystal has grounding energy, protects against EMF radiation, and neutralizes negative energies. Utilize this crystal if you find yourself wishing to neutralize commonly chaotic spaces, near objects with strong electrical output, and/or where you’d like to feel calm and stable.  Some optimal and intentional locations for Smoky Quartz are: near entrances or exits, in the common room, near the television or router, or in your bedroom. Using this stone can increase productivity and decrease mental smog, due to its grounding energy and ability to deflect EMF radiation. 


Selenite is always an incredible option, as it is one of the few crystals that doesn’t need regular cleansing, and can be used to cleanse other crystals. This gem is perfect for clearing, purifying, and protecting your space. While this crystal would be beneficial anywhere, some intuitive locations include: near/on your altar, frequently traveled hallways, entryways and exits, or even just the spaces in the house that feel “odd”. These are all areas that for one reason or another call for our attention, and require our awareness, or are delicate to energy and need balancing. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a great companion crystal when it comes to home decoration and intentional energy work. This stone amplifies the energies of the crystals it is paired with. For example, say you’re doing a lot of heart chakra work with Rose Quartz. Placing a Clear Quartz crystal near the Rose Quartz will amplify its healing properties, thus allowing it to work more effectively and/or on a larger scale. However, Clear Quartz is also a great stand alone crystal! It’s highly programmable and can be used as a substitute for any other crystal after programming it. Refer to our >> article to learn more about how to program crystals.


Another great crystal for a new home is Agate. This crystal radiates grounding energy. Its beautiful patterns and vibrant colors are so gorgeous that people will likely assume it’s merely a piece of natural decor, rather than a tool for your spiritual practice! Aiding in emotional stability, concentration, and spiritual growth, Agate is another crystal that would be beneficial in any location but some optimal spaces include your office space, kitchen, and common areas. This stone comes in a variety of colors and types, so be mindful which Agate you use and why you would be using that particular form.  


Amazonite is a crystal of loving communication, as it corresponds to the heart and throat chakras. This crystal is also great for physical ailments, inner strength, and releasing fears. This gem would work well in spaces that conversations are frequently had, such as the kitchen or living room. This crystal may also do well in backyards as decoration in bowls, as carvings, or even gravel if you please. Amazonite can also be used at your altar for clearer communication, or on your office desk to aid in communication during your work day.

Key Takeaway

Crystals can be used in so many ways. Get creative with where you place them, testing out the benefits of each crystal in different spaces and where you feel they work best! If a crystal has properties that correspond to the properties you’d like your space to embody, try adding that crystal and notice if you  sense a shift in the energy of your space. This is all about intention and consistency, just do your research to make sure you aren’t clashing with energies, like keeping carnelian (great for vitality and energy) on your nightstand!

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