Divine Feminine Juu Juu Box

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The Divine Feminine Juu Juu Box contains 5 high quality crystals to help you connect with your inner Goddess and embrace your divine feminine energy. These crystals weren’t just selected for their abilities to encourage grace, compassion, gentleness… because being a goddess isn’t just about creation and renewal, it’s also about destruction. The goddess is the mother of life and death, and the magical rebirth that links the two. How do you know you’ve embodied your Inner Goddess?

  • You start clearing old, dense, energies that no longer serve you from your life (crappy jobs, boyfriends, living arrangements, friends, and more)
  • You can feel your heart filling with love and compassion for yourself, others, animals and nature (particularly the Moon)
  • You begin drawing strength and inspiration from your  inner beauty and divinity and not just your physical, external appearance
  • You are feeling more creative, intuitive and sensual

Learn about the specific healing properties of the crystals we selected by reading this blog post.

1. Labradorite ($30.00 Value)

2. Peach Moonstone ($25.00 Value)

3. Selenite ($10.00 Value)

4. Rose Quartz ($25.00 Value)

5. Larmiar ($25.00 Value)