Crystals for Sexual Healing

We have seven energy centers (chakras) that form an energy current running from the top of our heads to the base of our spines.

When we are healthy and energy is moving freely, each chakra will have a normal/ideal frequency. When different parts of our body become stressed or ill, the frequencies are altered (or blocked), thus no longer optimal or healthy. Blocked energy and the irregular energy flow resulting from it, can manifest as various illnesses (physical, mental or emotional). It's important to keep our energy flowing freely. Crystals are natural way to correct your frequency, or “raise your vibration”.

Crystals can be powerful and effective tools for sexual healing.

The Sacral Chakra is located approximately two inches below the navel (lower abdomen area). This energy center deals with emotion, desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation and creativity. One of many physical signs of blockage is reproductive issues. A emotional sign of blockage is sexual guilt.

All crystals (regardless of their shape) have unique, inherent healing properties and can be programming with personalized intentions. The most popular uses of the crystals below are: Sexual Healing (Recovery from sexual abuse or sex related trauma), Fertility, Menstrual related issues and Manifesting your dream man/lover/soul mate.

Read this article to learn more about the phallus shaped crystals. Just like real reproductive parts, no two crystals are the same. Each crystal is carved by hand, and has it's own unique features. These crystals are intended for decorative use and make great meditation companions or ritual tools.

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We do not buy into the negative stigmas and stereotypes. Sex workers are entitled to workplace health and safety and human rights.


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