Self Improvement Book Club

"My spiritual development was expedited by reading a series of particularly impactful and insightful books. I learned so many new things about my mind, emotions, capabilities... ultimately my SELF! I began to see and treat myself differently. I learned why and how to have compassion for myself. I finally started identifying root causes of unresolved emotional issues that were repeatedly manifesting in my life. Everything started shifting, and I started getting lighter and lighter. I discovered the beauty and wonder of my TRUE self. It all started by picking up these books, and I can't wait to share them with you!" - Good Juu Juu Founder and Life Coach, Sierra Lewis


What should I expect? The Book Club will meet weekly via video meetings. We discuss our reactions, discoveries, and thoughts, which assists with integrating the teachings. At each meeting I will assign specific chapters/sections of the book for our club to read.

What if I can't make the meeting? No worries! We use a Periscope Group to host the weekly meeting. If you can't join, the video will still be available for you to access as a guide or reference at any time. You may follow along with the assignment, prompts, and reflection on your own, if desired.

What are the requirements? You'll need a G-Mail/Google Account to access shared workshop spreadsheet. This will serve as our meeting log to capture any discussion notes and weekly assignments. You'll need a Twitter Account to access the private Periscope Group we will use for our weekly discussion. You are responsible for purchasing the reading materials.

What happens after I purchase? You will be contacted via the e-mail you signed up with, I will provide next steps regarding course materials and directions to get started.