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What's inside the Manifest Abundance Juu Juu Box

The “Manifest Abundance” Juu Juu Box contains crystals to dissolve energetic blockages and barriers to abundance. Abundance is about more than material wealth, an abundant life is full of happiness, health, love, and joy. How do crystals attract abundance? To attract abundance, you must be vibrationally aligned, and crystals are naturally high-vibrational! But the crystals can’t do all the work… inner abundance attracts outer abundance. 

Consider these lifestyle and mindset changes to help support your journey:

  • Mindset: Evaluate where you have a ‘scarcity or lack’ mindset. What beliefs are embedded your subconscious? Learn to cultivate more gratitude. Appreciate the present moment instead of obsessing about how to ‘get more’.  Learn to be more generous and giving (without expecting reciprocation) and watch how other respond!
  • De-clutter: Oftentimes our blessings are blocked by all the unnecessary junk we’ve allowed to accumulate in our lives. Clutter = Stagnation. Creating a free energy flow in your home by organizing and  downsizing.
  • Set intentions DAILY: Don’t let the world decide what type of day you’ll have, wake up with specific intentions and hold yourself accountable.

Learn about the specific healing properties of the crystals we selected:

1. Pyrite Tower:  Pyrite, also known as “Fool's Gold”, is often used in Feng Shui for manifesting money and abundance.  It’s typically found in cubes or cubic clusters. Pyrite a sparkly magnet for high frequency, positive energy. Pyrite makes me feel confident, capable, strong, protected, and energized to follow my dreams! Pyrite emanates strong masculine energy and is also a protective stone (keeps the Bad Juu Juu (negative energy) away!).

2. Jade Egg:  Jade has been used for centuries as an amulet to attract luck and wealth. It’s green color helps draw the naturally occurring abundance of nature and planet earth into our own lives.  Nature is constantly renewing itself and Jade helps us embody this same self sufficiency and openness to evolution. Jade has an unmistakable gentle and soothing energy that encourages growth, purity, harmony and balance.

3. Tiger Eye Sphere:  Tigers Eye, which resembles the eye of a tiger, is a stone of courage, confidence and good fortune. Tigers Eye reminds us to draw from our inner strength and perseverance during challenging times. Tigers Eye energizes the solar plexus chakra, which gives us the willpower and motivation to weather the storm and manifest our desires.

4. Citrine Tumble (Heat Treated*): The name Citrine comes from the French word ‘citron’, meaning lemon - due to it’s yellow/orange color. Citrine is a stone of success, abundance and manifestation. Citrine also energizes the solar plexus chakra, to inspire optimism and confidence. *“Heat treated citrine” is amethyst that is exposed to high temperatures (by man, not nature), which generates the bright yellow/orange color. Natural Citrine is more rare and expensive, and will be available in our shop soon!


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