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What's inside the Divine Feminine Juu Juu Box

How do you know you’ve embodied your Inner Goddess?

  • You start clearing old, dense, energies that no longer serve you from your life (crappy jobs, boyfriends, living arrangements, friends, and more)
  • You can feel your heart filling with love and compassion for yourself, others, animals and nature (particularly the Moon)
  • You begin drawing strength and inspiration from your  inner beauty and divinity and not just your physical, external appearance
  • You are feeling more creative, intuitive and sensual

The Divine Feminine Juu Juu Box contains 5 high quality crystals to help you connect with your inner Goddess and embrace your divine feminine energy.

1. Peach Moonstone: Like all Moonstone crystals, Peach Moonstone evokes the energy of … the Moon! Women’s bodies go through an energetic cycle (the menstrual cycle) that is very similar to the lunar cycle. Many women find that their cycle will naturally align with lunar cycle. Peach Moonstone has a lovely, subtle iridescence that makes them sparkle and glimmer in natural sunlight.

Uses and Energy: The energy of this Peach Moonstone is nourishing,  soothing, and loving. Use Peach Moonstone for enhancing creativity, enhancing intuitive abilities, or promoting fertility and hormonal balance. 

2. Larimar: Who doesn’t love Larimar? It looks like the clearest water, from the most tranquil beach that I wish I was vacationing at right now. This crystal will bring out your inner Sea Goddess, and help you access inner wisdom from the depths of your own being.

Uses and Energy: The energy of Larimar is calming and peaceful. It’s cooling energy can be the perfect antidote for a hot temper. Larimar is especially useful for stimulating the throat chakras - helping you speak your truth directly from the heart, with no inhibition or fear.

3. Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is just one of those crystals you can’t help but love. No wonder - it’s a Heart Chakra activator, are you ready to open your heart to unconditional love? Rose Quartz facilitates emotional healing by harmonizing difficult, stressful emotions. It is a popular choice for those trying to develop more self esteem and self confidence via self love.

Uses and Energy: Rose Quartz has an unmistakable soothing energy. Rose Quartz helps release negative feelings of heartbreak or resentment. It is often used to attract love. It is perfect to program with positive, encouraging affirmations.

4. Selenite: Selenite an  is an ESSENTIAL tool in your crystal healing tool kit! Selenite has a milky white color and forms in long, thin sheets with lots of striations. It has a chalky texture when left unpolished, and a gorgeous sheen when polished.It’s powerful vibrations are known to cleanse and clear negative or stagnant energies.

Uses and Energy: Selenite is a popular crystal for protecting homes and purifying sacred spaces. To keep your space safe, you can place a small piece of selenite at the corners of the entrance doorway.

5. Labradorite: Labradorite is magical in every way. It’s ‘labradorescence” creates gorgeous “flashes” of an entire rainbow of colors - including blues, greens, yellows, oranges, pinks and purples! The stunning colors are most striking in natural sunlight.

Uses and Energy:  It gets your upper chakra buzzing - Labradorite strengthens the intuition and can help enhance psychic abilities. It’s protective energy shields the user’s aura from psychic attack. Labradorite is known as the stone of transformation, perfect for navigating challenging or changing times. 



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