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Welcoming Lindsay to the Good Juu Juu team!

Hello Juu Juu Crew! 

My name is Lindsay. I love crystals, Astrology, Numerology, the Tarot, self-improvement, self-care, wellness, people, and nature. I was born in Tallahassee, Florida in the early nineties. It’s a little college town, and also, the capital of the state. In 2018 I earned a B.S. in Chemistry in North Carolina, where I reside now. I’m a new intern/guest blogger with Good Juu Juu and I’m here to spread love and knowledge about various subjects in a creative, entertaining, and inspiring way.


Here’s how I got here...

February 2019. I’ll admit, those days I was miserable most of the time, and I was escaping those feelings by eating emotionally, consuming as much weed as I could get my hands on, and binge drinking on the weekends. I’d been in therapy since I was 13 for Bipolar Disorder, but I was not open to the remedies my therapists had educated me about for years, and I was definitely emotionally stunted (more on that later).

I didn’t have an active Twitter account, so I made one for all the wrong reasons. I wanted a platform, with little followers that I knew, so I could argue with strangers and let out all my toxicity into the abyss that is the internet. I don’t like to talk about these periods of my life without speaking toward the ongoing healing process that brought upon a new, peaceful era in my life. Twitter being a toxic waste dump, thank GOD, that is not how things turned out to be. And Good Juu Juu played a major role in that.

Soon, I was following several spiritual accounts that steered me away from this. Accounts that spoke to stepping into my power of which I had little understanding. They spoke to the Divine Feminine and the divine energy of the Universe that flows through me. The little Catholic my mama raised in me was scared at first, but I kept taking leaps of faith. They spoke to affirmations, mantras, meditations, and introduced me to podcasts that pulled me from depths of self hatred, and I presently leap around in the grassy knolls of self love.

Founder of Good Juu Juu, Sierra, is a beast at many things, and she really has a talent for inspirational lives via Periscope and Twitter.  The genuine interaction, the truth she was so fluidly communicating had me in awe. They raised my vibration with major potency when I needed it! Spiritual teachers often encourage people who are trying to lift their vibrations to surround themselves with media, content, people, places and things that are at high vibrations themselves. It’s like a fire feeding fire.

Sierra’s lives were that fire for me when I could feel my energy waning at work. Even outside of work, I went walking one time, decided to sit down and meditate, didn’t know what to meditate about or how, and Sierra popped up with a “HERE’S THE PERFECT THING FOR YOU TO MEDITATE ABOUT AND HOW!” It was a powerful synchronization. AND IT WAS FREE! 

I felt like I could trust Good Juu Juu, so I started shopping at the store, giving super hearts on the regular, and I joined Sierra’s book club. I did not want this to go away whatsoever. Along with my other new, healthy habits and practices, I was supporting, believing, and getting better by the day with the good vibes of Good Juu Juu.

By October, I was sober for four months and my Psychiatrist said the words “I wouldn’t diagnose you with Bipolar Disorder at this point,” and I said, “WHOA.” Let me stay on this path cause this is a good road for me. I was intuitively deciding what was good for me, doing what my therapists had been telling me to do for years, and it was working. It was tangible!

One day Sierra made it known that she would like to take on an intern. I was still very anxious, putting people on pedestals and cowering to authoritative figures, however, I pushed through that and blurted it out during book club earlier this year. I had nothing to fear. Now, a wonderful partnership has begun, and I’m fostering my creative talents while learning about small business. Plus, I get to talk about crystals without people saying, “it’s cute that you like rocks so much!”

I feel so blessed and grateful that I’m able to serve with someone I feel is harmonious with my vibes. I mean, she’s magical, detail oriented, and productive! She’s the kind of Virgo vibes I love to work with. She has been a conduit to higher truths, which are quite important to me, in many cases, and I’m excited to learn from someone who inspires me. So tune in! Come along with me on this journey of self-love and Good Juu Juu.

Until next time, Crew,


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