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Welcoming Jake to the Good Juu Juu Team!

Please join me in welcoming Jacob Samways. Jake is a longtime and consistent supporter of Good Juu Juu, who is now joining our Crew as a content contributor to our Blog. Jake is going to teach us about self care routines involving crystals and... cannabis and/or other healing herbs!

"I want to say thank you so much to Sierra, the owner of Good Juu Juu! You have shown me so many different ways that I can help  cultivate more self love & more balance in my day to day life. The way you interact through your social media and on periscope has inspired me to keep on my path, even when I’ve been ready to throw in the towel. Your wisdom, love and genuine self has helped me to see the inner me I’ve been disconnected from for a while, and I am forever grateful," says Jake. Wow, my heart MELTED! I am equally grateful for your willingness to share, and I'm so excited about whats to come!

Jake wrote the introductory post below to give us some background about himself, before we dive into his mind and life over the coming weeks.

- Sierra, Good Juu Juu Founder


The Caterpillar Stage

Plump, tiny, and full of life. Yes, that is the description of a caterpillar, but it is also a very accurate representation of the first phase of my life- plump, tiny, and full of life. I was social, full of energy, and very much opinionated while growing up (I am a Leo hint hint). I was always needing to be the center of attention and would make a scene out of anything, it’s what a little Leo boy does, okay? Don’t judge me.

Eventually, the plump part of the me shed away my senior year of High School. The physical weight that I shed, about 95 pounds, felt surreal. I expected to feel like a whole different person once I shed that physical weight, but that was the opposite of how I felt. I felt exactly the same as I did before, and I was so confused.  The confusion lead to me analyzing the feeling, and eventually realized the truth of it all. The physical dimension is but one of many, and we exist on more than one at the same time. I then realized that me changing my physical self was just one step towards my journey, and I was in for a long ride.

The Cocoon Stage

Growing up, I was very much against any sort of intoxicating substance, such as drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis. My reasoning was valid- I had been surrounded by alcoholics and people who abused cannabis much too often for me to see them as healthy ways to have fun. My attitude towards the substances slowly faded as High School came around, and I tried cannabis for the first time.

After feeling stoned as a brick wall my first night of smoking cannabis, I found I was able to escape any bad feeling I had stirring up inside just by smoking an herb! I was amazed, and super high. After that night, I started smoking every weekend, and eventually the use became an everyday thing. It developed into a ritual I would perform many many times a day in order to “stay sane” as I would say. Not only was it just masking the feelings and thoughts I wanted to not look at, but it also slowed me down and caused me to become someone I wasn’t.

Now, I am not by any means saying cannabis is bad. However, just like anything else, it's only good in moderation. Any system in your body, whether it be your immune system, your digestive system, or in this case your endocannabinoid  system, can only handle so much productivity until it too gets tired and cannot perform at its’ optimum function. I have recognized that cannabis did help me through a very very rough time, but I had also recognized that it was leading me into an even rougher time if I let it consume me the way I was letting it. Me finding my balance in my diet was the first step in my journey, and then finding balance in my use of certain coping mechanisms came right after.

The Butterfly Stage

Now, I'll be honest, I still feel as though I am in my cocoon. I am 21 years old, and I have a lot of life to live, so I like to think I’ll go through many “metamorphic” like stages going through the years. At the age of 19, just 2 years ago, I was gifted my first crystal ever, & that truly sealed the cocoon in my eyes. My first crystal was a little rough Aquamarine, and it really kick started my journey into my crafts and utilizing crystals for healing.

My journey to help others find balance and love within themselves is just starting, and I am beyond excited to be able to share it with you guys!

Stay balanced my friends, we will connect soon!


- Jacob Samways (@flowst8create on Twitter and Instagram)

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