"To me, crystals are more than just rocks" by Jacob Samways

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    To me, crystals are more than just rocks. Crystals are high vibrational tools that can, when aligned with an intention, bring forth energetic shifts on any and all dimensions. My first crystal was a little raw Aquamarine, it was gifted to me by a friend who means the world to me. After reading the metaphysical properties over and over again, I realized that the crystals properties fit the script of where I was at during that time in my life. This realization struck a cord within me I never even knew existed, which started the journey I exist within today.

    Crystals captivate the eye, nurture the soul, and heal the body- they really do it all. Now, I am NOT saying crystals can substitute for major medical intervention or actual self care- what crystals CAN do is help to amplify an intention/goal you have to help bring forth more experiences and situations to get you where you want to be in life. Crystals act as energetic magnets, so if you set an intention and put the proper energy and time towards that connection, they will in turn bring forth major energetic shifts through showing you the steps you need to take to get there. With my first crystal, I wanted the Aquamarine to assist in relieving the stomach pain I was experiencing, that is the intention I set with that crystal. What transpired was a whole journey of recognizing the root of the problem, not just a surface level fix like “pain relief”.

    One thing to remember with any change, energetic or physical, is to be patient. You can’t rush the good things in life, just like you can’t rush a flower to bloom faster than it is supposed to. When shifting things in your life, be gentle, take your time, and really tune in with your inner self to understand what resonates and what doesn’t. I’ve experienced rushing into change, I’ve experienced pushing for my flowers to bloom before they were ready. Through that experience, I’ve gained the perspective that patience is priority. Taking the time and connecting to what resonates with you on a soul level takes patience, radical self love, and the willingness to face the dark and light within. Finding balance within will manifest as balance on the outside, it just takes time, patience, and dedication to your journey.

-Jacob Samways

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