November 8: Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

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Jupiter is the planet of grace and expansion. Now, at one point in time, it was thought that Jupiter could do no wrong…but if you don’t harness it’s divine ability of expansion quickly, it can cause some serious issues in your life besides just overindulgence.

I like to think of that one rich girl from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory; in her case, her inability to balance out her desire for more ended up turning her into a giant human blueberry. What screams Jupiter’s power more than a giant human blueberry?

The energy of a Jupiter transit needs to be grounded—so remember this key phrase, “Getting what you want and being happy are two very different things.”

Jupiter enters Sagittarius (the ninth house) on November eighth. The changes started through the cosmic forces of Uranus and Aries are expanded here.

So Uranus has been opening up your world and exposing you to new concepts and experiences; Jupiter intends to expand your wisdom through new networks of people and even the potential to travel to new places! You’re awareness and consciousness are growing, so now is the perfect time to read that book you’ve been putting off, finally learning that skill you’ve wanted to learn since you were a child, and even finally deciding to go to that party or event you normally ignore. It’s about recognizing what you want to do…and like, actually doing it for once, instead of making up an excuse not to leave your comfort zone or put in the extra effort.

This transit can have you becoming a mentor and taking someone under your wing…but more importantly, this transit is about you teaching yourself that newness, that getting out of your comfort zone, is good. Experience new people! Experience new worlds!

What to Expect:

  • Burning Curiosity

  • Trying New Things

  • Travel (even a tiny road trip)

  • Wanting to Work With Your Hands

  • Testing Limits


  • I Welcome All Knowledge That Helps Me On My Path.

  • I Am Surrounded By Opportunities.

  • I Will Explore.

  • I Will Try New Things.


  • Red Zircon: Strengthens the mind.

  • Sodalite: Promotes mental Clarity, increases focus.

  • Diopside: Enhances your learning and retention in all realms of academia.

  • Blue Tourmaline: Opens the mind to new beliefs and practices, frees the mind to explore higher realms of knowledge.

  • Apophylite: Brings you wisdom from higher planes, opens you to insights in your current environment and situations.

  • Iolite: Helps to promote organization in your life, promotes endurance in all situations, enhances your creative mind.

  • Lemurian Seed Quartz: Opens and Expands your consciousness to higher frequencies and higher knowledge, increases focus and creative energies.

  • Moonstone: Stabilizes emotions, protects during travel.

  • Tanzanite: For overcoming miscommunication, increases problem-solving skills.

  • Amber: Brings success, protects during travel, alleviates depression and anxiety.


  • Heather

  • Ivy

  • Sage

  • Rosemary

  • Agrimoney

  • Ginger

  • Frankincense


  • Page of Pentacles: Immersing yourself in knowledge. Building the foundations for success.

  • Judgment: Evolution. Self-absolution. Rising to your greatest potential.


Written by Anthony Upshaw, Popgoth

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