New Super Moon in Libra | September 28, 2019

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The New moon will take place today Saturday September 28, 2019 at 11:26 am PT/ 2:26 pm ET. This new moons theme is one of healing, transformation and acceptance. 
There may be some challenges but these experiences are all meant for your growth. 
Relationships and Love
The fear of standing alone or trying something new has held you captive. It’s okay to let go of anger, fear and resentment. Let go and claim balance in you relationships. Reclaim your personal relationship with yourself. Learn to love each new version of you and forgive yourself for mistakes. Forgive others. 
Relationships evolve.  
It is time to let go of the toxic aspects of your relationship with self, others and things. Let go of all that makes you feel undervalued, unappreciated , unloved, and unseen. Allow the broken relationships that you value to be healed by letting go old patterns, expectations or one side of perceptions.  Let relationship grow through communication, love, understanding, and trust. Finding balance in relationships isn’t always easy but the growth, healing and connection gained are worth the journey. 
Personal Growth
You’re worthy.  It’s time to take control. Release and let go. Balance your needs and the needs of others. You can let go of personal attachments that are harmful. Your mind body and spirit can connect, be present and enjoy the flow of life.  You are free to be you. To make mistakes, to cry, to grow, to forgive and to heal. 
Remain open to new opportunities. You have unexpected blessings coming. Say yes to the things that resonate. Find balance by inviting some newness into your life. 
Your mental health is important take time to find balance in your day to day life. Allow time for social, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental activities. Wellness of mind body and spirit is health. 
Keyword Affirmations 
Growth -  I embrace my growth and let go of feeling unworthy. 
Reflection - I give myself space to reflect and forgive. 
Balance - My mind,  body and spirit are balanced. 
Healing -  I am healing and will trust my process. 
Forgiveness - I forgive myself and others. In peace with love I move forward. 
Crystals For the New Moon in Libra:
Black Tourmaline 
Blue Tigers Eye 
Pray and Mediate with your crystals. Spending time with them allows you to truly connect with their metaphysical and healing properties. 
Wear your crystals. Wearing your crystals as a talisman. After praying or meditating with your crystals. Wear them in jewelry, place them in your pockets or tuck them somewhere safe. Protect yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 
More Information on the New Moon : 
What is a New Moon? 
Usually unseen, a New moon is the first lunar phase. The moon is at equal distance  between the sun and earth and unless there is a solar eclipse it will not be visible. 
Symbolically, a New Moon represents a fresh start. As the moon is renewed, we also have the opportunity to to start anew. This new cycle and season let go and forgive yourself and others. This release gets ride of of any baggage that repeat cycles that are unhealthy and do not serve our highest good
What is a Supermoon? 
A Supermoon occurs when the moon is close to the Earth. This month’s moon with be the third closet this year. 
When does the Supermoon occur? 
The Supermoon with occur at  11:26 am PT/ 2:26  pm  EST. It will appear within five hours of the New moon.
New Moon September 2019 Times and Dates
* Los Angeles, September 28 at 11:26 am
* New York, September 28 at 2:26 pm
* London, September 28 at 7:26 pm
Written By Marion Henson, Co- Founder Good Juu Juu

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