Full Moon in Aquarius - Sturgeon Moon August 15, 2019

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The Full Moon in Aquarius will illuminate the sky at 5:29 PT/ 8:29 am EST. The Full moon may be already visible to some. 
The Moon has been significant in various cultures throughout history. Used by Native Americans, ancestors, healers, and farmers for centuries; it has directed the best times to sow, harvest, heal, and look within to do the necessary spiritual healing. 
Relationships and Love 
Take some time to appreciate the connections in your life. Be grateful for your inner self, friends, family, and community.  Spend time with those who make you smile and whose warmth is felt from miles away. 
Personal Growth
You are growing. There is a release from things that do not serve your highest good. The things that hinder you are finding there way out of your life. It’s been a journey. Celebrate all that you have accomplished.
Get ready for an abundance of opportunities, experiences, and people. Everything is coming together for your greater good. The Full Moon in Aquarius is a season of Yes and all paths open. The Universe’s constant message is patience. Like the moon, we all go through phases. The opportunities that do not flourish at first will bloom when it's time. What is unfolding was meant to be. Flow with this change and increase. 
The Full Moon in Aquarius puts things into perspective. It's time to appreciate and be grateful for the journey. It hasn't always been easy, but it is all beginning to make sense. Accept that it all served a purpose.  
Crystals For the Full Moon in Aquarius:
Peacock Ore
Find some time to journal during this time. It's an excellent time to gain perspective. Journaling helps lay it all out. Releasing, processing, and then reading for more perspective. Set some intentions right them down or create Affirmations that help you affirm this your higher self and step into your freedom and abundance.
More Information on the Full Moon:
What is a Full Moon? 
A full moon is a lunar phase where the moon is directly opposite the sun. The sun illuminates the moon and lights up the night sky. August 15th's Full Moon is the eighth full moon of the year and is known as the Sturgeon Moon. 
What is a Sturgeon Moon? 
The Farmers Almanac calls this Full moon a sturgeon moon. The Great Lakes and Lake Champlain is the home to North America’s largest fish who's abundance would increase significantly during this particular time of the year (Mid August - September). 
Written By Marion Henson, Co- Founder Good Juu Juu 

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