January 2020 Energy Forecast

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The Energy Forecast below for January 2020 is a teaser from the full forecast by Alecia Deon of roses&concrete

the dark mysteries: “enter the chamber of the dark goddess”

with this card you are given an overview of what energy is available to you. through the process of ascension, that spans lifetimes, you go through specific periods of learning & growth, this card provides a clue as what part of the process you currently occupy. [ isis oracle deck x alana fairchild ]

themes: healed by divine light, transform old wounds, dissolve deep trauma in the body, enhanced feelings of passion, sensuality & creativity, recognize & transform sources of inexplicable fear, deep initiation, shadow work, integration, radical trust in the Universe

crystal healing: pyrite (available in our "crystal beginners" juu juu box!)

the death of nature mirrored all around us is a guiding light & reminder that nothing blooms ceaselessly. even nature stops expanding to reflect. this year requires deep courage, a commitment to overcoming doubt & trusting the Universe as your co-conspirator. you must take a step forward, past your fears, to silence that dissenting energy whose voice is heard in the lowly moments. it is that voice & your faith in it that stops true progress. go into the dark chamber to rediscover your truth. does it lie in that doubtful echo or is it felt in the embrace of self-love, self-acceptance & gratitude for your ancestors & guides who see your soul shine like no other? these deaths & battles are cyclical. like nature, you will be here again, but now is the time to tilt the scales of divine destiny in your favor with one simple question: do you believe in yourself?

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