January 23rd: Mercury Enters Aquarius

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The ruler of the mind enters the visionary on January 23rd; it’s time to take stock of yourself and your goals. Whether it’s New Year resolutions, a relationship, your career, or even a diet; when we walk down that path of choice, and we put in our time, effort, and energy, things don’t always meet our expectations, and we have to get realistic and redefine what we want.

You need to sit down with yourself and record your goals and all you’ve done so far, and audit yourself. What no longer suits you? What’s holding you back now? What are you procrastinating? And most importantly, what are you expecting to get out of all of this?

After doing your self-audit, it would be beneficial to discuss it over with your close friends, as Sagittarius rules over group ideals and standards. Talking it over with others can help you to get out of your ego and help you reach a new objective.

It may sound difficult or upsetting, but doing these self-audits can be very beneficial in moving ourselves forward. If you have extremely high expectations, but you’re putting in the bare minimum, how do you expect to achieve what you want? This transit serves to expand what you’ve been working towards by helping you minimize the burdens that you place on yourself, so you can break through your current limits and get where you want to be.

What to expect:

  • Spending more time around younger people
  • Talking to friends more (your phone notifications blowing up)
  • Struggles dealing with change
  • Big ideas coming out of nowhere
  • Temporary disappointment


  • I have not failed, I’ve opened up new possibilities
  • I will lighten the load
  • I don’t have to accomplish everything at once
  • I turn away from what no longer suits me
  • I am full of potential and possibility


  • Red Agate: Soothes the mind and clears away the clutter so you can focus on what needs to be accomplished
  • Amber: Relieves stress, clears negativity and energy buildup in your surrounding environment, aids in lifting burdens
  • Aquamarine: Lessens anxiety and fear, aids in walking in your truth and communicating with others, helps in overcoming judgment of others
  • Onyx: Absorbs negative energy and enhances inner strength, aids in lifting grief and lessening stress
  • Aventurine: Strengthens one’s integrity, improves communication, helps in breaking bad habits


  • Valerian
  • Lily of The Valley
  • Bergamot
  • Clover
  • Foxglove
  • Dandelion
  • Rosemary
  • Violet


  • Judgment: Rising from the ashes of your past, of your doubt, of your fear. Realizing the truth of your capability and moving forward with confidence and acceptance.

Written by Anthony Upshaw, Popgoth

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