Holiday Wish List Series: Lucky Wraps

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We are happy to present Good Juu Juu’s first annual “Holiday Wish List” series. Good Juu Juu will be sharing work from several artists, so you can support small businesses this holiday season.

Victoria Hardwick is a 19-year-old Ohio native. Victoria uses her art as a creative release from stress and works with many different mediums, ranging from drawing to wire wrapping. She started wire wrapping about 7 months ago after stumbling upon an inspirational crystal shop during a vacation in Palm Springs, CA. Like many of us, she felt deeply connected to the crystals and drawn to working with them. Through trial and error (and Youtube tutorials), Victoria got better and better at wire wrapping.

Good Juu Juu interviews Victoria Hardwick of Lucky Wraps Hand-wired Crystal Minerals and Gems

Victoria coined the name “Lucky Wraps” and started sharing her creations on Instagram, where she made some of her first sales. Although she didn’t have a large social media following, she enjoyed sharing her work. According to Victoria, finding the Twitter artisan community was a “welcoming, helpful and supportive” experience that helped her spread her art and gain more exposure. Advertising on social media, and the organic connections that stem from this, is a big contributor to the success of Lucky Wraps.


Victoria Hardwick Luck Wraps Wired Crystal Pendants - Good Juu Juu


Victoria is now working from home full-time, creating her beautiful crystal jewelry and home decor and loves every second of it. She makes a conscious effort to purchase her supplies locally, to support other small businesses.

A “Luck Wraps” tip from Victoria to all beginners: “Reach out! I have had so many amazing artists reach out to me for tips and advice. I will always be willing to help others. I know the same goes for everyone in the art community I am in.”

Visit the Lucky Wraps website here. 10% off w/ code LUCKYWRAPS

Follow Lucky Wraps on Twitter and Instagram!

Written By Sierra Lewis, Co-founder of  Good Juu Juu 

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  • I would lije a bracelet with different stones like amethyst, crystal,tiger eye,sodalite, citrine, green tourmaline

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