Holiday Wish List Series: Happy Jupiter Gems

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Lily Sparks, of Happy Jupiter Gems, is a college sophomore at Michigan Technological University, pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering. As an admirer of the beauty of crystals, creating wire wrapped pendants for others to wear gives her joy.  Lily uses her wire-wrapping as a creative outlet. “I only sit down and work with materials if my creative juices are flowing, I think it’s important to know the difference between creating to sell and creating for yourself." If I wouldn’t keep a piece for myself and love and use it, then I’m not willing to create it for others in the hopes they will like it more. Every pendant is my favorite I’ve ever created, thus ensuring I made it with the most love and creativity I could muster. Only then am I happy with my quality of work.” she says.

Good Juu Juu Holiday Wish List Series: Happy Jupiter Gems Lily Sparks

She started selling her “energy-filled charms” about a year ago and describes the creative process as a “relaxing and mentally rewarding” activity. When choosing crystals, Lily lets the crystals she uses “speak to her”. She loves the process of hand-picking them and creating unique designs based on the gem’s shape, size, and “vibrations”.

The support of her friends was a huge contributor to her success. When they discovered a necklace she made for herself, several friends began asking for jewelry of their own! She began making them for her friends, which helped build her confidence to try to sell to strangers. “I have immense support from my friends and family, and that source of light is a great reminder to keep creating,” she says.

Good Juu Juu Holiday Wish List Series: Happy Jupiter Gems Lily Sparks

Lily’s tips to beginners are: “Keep track of all transactions, supplies you have bought, when/where sales were made and what you specifically sold. Also, keep in mind it’s okay to take a break if you get frustrated. Having a clear state of mind seems to result in the most successful designs. And don’t give up! Not everything you create will become a success, so have it in you to keep trying, and keep the passion alive!”


Visit Happy Jupiter Gems Etsy or Twitter to shop her latest creations!

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